Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kabul Restaurant

All right. This one is a soecial post. All these years in Sydney and I have had Indian food and avoided Indian food at most places, simply because they are  far outcry from authentic Indian food.Excessive colours, too much spice, too much cream. its just ridiculous. I sometime wonder how people just love going out and eating almost anything anywhere. There are times when the food is too customised to suit the palate of the aussie follks. Anyways, lets get to the point.

There is this little eatery wat Auburn which is called Kabul Restaurant. Now the thing is that this is one of those gems which Id highly recommend It all started when one of my friends and myself while talking iver the phone, he suggested. Located in Auburn and next to Jasmine 1. So it all started one Saturday morning, when me and my partner woke up and we decided to go for our morning brekkie to this place. There is a big kitchen which is just baking bread. Fresh breads and the aroma of the bake is just intoxicating on a cold and sunny morning as you walk by. In our first visit, we ended up ordering the lamb Paya or the trotters and the Nihari. The paya was oh my god aout of the world. perfectly spiced and freshly made early in the morning, this was just the perfect start on a cold morning.  Freshly made, perfectly spiced and a watery soupy curry with all the marrow , coupled with freshly baked naan bread which you dunk into the soup for a purely divine feeling. so this is how it all began. I have come over a few times after that and realised that the paya was one of the best I have had inSydney. Now the thing is that during Ramzaan, I tried the Haleem, biryani and paya at a number of places. Now when I ended up at Kabul restaurant to try the food during Ramzaan, there was a surprise. They do this buffet.The buffet costed $16 and this was a crazy price. As I started the food, there was fried chicken, lamb paya, beef nihari, Chicken Handi curry, Lamb curry, Chicken Biryani,. For the vegr=tarians, there was a palak curry and chana daal. stacks of fresh bread and plain rice, along with pakodas, fresh fruits and kheer.  All this for an unbeleivable $16. Now lets start with the food. The food is unbeleivable and sesnsational.It is undoubtedly one of the best Indiaan food I have had. When you listen to Kabul, you think it is Afghan food, but then when you chat with the owner, it is actually a specific area in Pakistani. The flavours are so amaing. Usually when we have so many curries, we tend to not make out differeence between the curries.Not here. Its so remarkable. For isntace, the Nihari has verydifferent flavour and texture in the curry. The Lamb curry is again heavenly, but the chicken Handi is probably the best. The  fried chciekn is hot and scculent and juicy. The kheer is unbeleivable.

Now post Ramzaan, when I made it here, it seems, this is now a permannet feature in the restaurant. A buffet dinner every Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

All in all, The paya I beleive is the best inSydney I have had, the food is fresh and delicious and the price even more insane.

All in all, Id say, this one comes with  a Highly recommended from Me. This one is for True Foodies- its a cheap Eat and not a fine dine, so remember that. The other thing is that sometime the crowd goes high and in the buffet, the food may get cold. I usually request them to get it warmed or get a fresh reload and they usually oblige.

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