Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dahab Café, Dubbo, NSW

All right, our first morning at Dubbo. While I didn’t expect too much out of Dubbo too much and it was quite a small town just like any other Aussie towns. One main street with most shopping and eateries. The evening and night was about okay – not with too many choice. Next morning, we woke up early, and went for the early guided morning walk to Taronga zoo from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and let me tell you, it is a must if you go to the zoo. Anyways after the morning walk for two hours and without any food, we were starving. Checked out of the hotel and decided to go for breakfast to the town across the river and settled for Dahab Café- A Mediterranean Touch which had a number 1 rating in trip adviser as well.

It was a cloudy day and bit windy. Dahab, was in a parallel street to the main street. A town house with seating inside and outside. We decided to settle outside in the open air. Looked at the menu and decided to firstly order two cups of coffee.
Over all the travelling in Australia over the last few years, my craving for a great brekkie persists, however, it doesn’t seem to get fulfilled as most combinations seem to be around the same big brekkie, or eggs Benedict. So I have really been looking for places and cafes with an alternative and innovative menu. Seeing the word Mediterranean, I turned hopeful.

Next I decided to order the brekkie with the sourdough, avocado, poached eggs and a tomato chickpea salsa. The other dish which my friend ordered was the sourdough with spinach mushroom Parmesan avocado. We waited for some time and the coffee’s came over. Good strong coffee. Next the brekkies arrive, looks great. My brekkie has two pieces of toasted sourdough, a neatly sliced avo, and two beautifully poached eggs. Perfect. But what set aside this breakfast is the tomato bowl. This is quite interesting- it is like a tomato puree bowl filled with chickpeas, olives topped with loads of feta cheese. The taste of the tomato was quite sour. The olives added to the acidity and perhaps the saltiness of the feta neutralized the sour taste. All in all, it was about ok, although I wish the tomato had a bit more taste and a bit less or sourness.

The other brekkie was the avo mushroom toast. Two pieces of the sourdough, topped with spinach, sauteed mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and avocado. Descent brekkie.

So all in all it’s a descent place. Yes do go there. The produce was fresh. There were loads of rooms inside the town house which have different seating options. The service was good, although it did tale a bit of time to serve up the brekkies. It’s a good joint to visit, catch up on breakfast and then head over to the zoo. Affordable, descently priced, a brekkie for tow cost us about $45.

197 Brisbane Street, Dubbo, NSW
02 6884 5320

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