Friday, August 14, 2015

Dum Dum Dumplings, Orange, NSW

All right, this one is about a night at Orange, NSW. Now for those who have been here in Australia and know NSW, would know that Orange is always positioned as the food capital. A place with loads of wines, fresh produce of vegetables and fruits, cafes and culinary delights. So we drive down one day, start from Dubbo, into Parkes, and then into Orange. As we arrive into orange, it suddenly starts raining and the temperature plummets down to 4 degrees and icy cold winds.
It’s a Sunday night and we venture into the main street of the town in search of dinner. Now unfortunately again, it’s the quintessential Aussie town which perhaps sleeps at 8 P.M. Not too many options. We start to search for Sweet and Sour, but that’s shutdown. Most cafes have closed. For dinner, we have two Chinese restaurants, but they are all covered with curtains and looks dodgy. Next we have an Indian restaurant booked for a party. There is  Japanese place, but not too keen with Jap. A few kebab shops and pizza place. But this is not why you come to Orange. You come to Orange to eat good food, quality produce and some fancy cooking. Unfortunately for us, the Sunday night is dead and we are almost on the verge of going to one of the fast food- pizza capers when we see a place called the Dum Dum Dumplings. Looks very big shop and very basic and elementary. A few boys sitting inside. Now of course for me Chinese here is quite different to what I have in India. So I am not too keen but decide to check it out. One look at the menu and what draws us is that there are chicken dumplings. Wow. That’s quite unusual. Its so cold that we decide to at least have a hot bowl of soup before we head back to get Pizza’s.
So we order a Chicken Sweet Corn Soup and Chicken Dumplings. The soup comes in a its quite a serving. For a $5 soup, the two of us finish off the sweet corn soup. Its delicious, hot, loads of chicken, slightly sweet. Loved it. Next came the dumplings. We ordered the boiled or the steamed ones, and they served 10 pieces. Lucky for the two of us bro’s. Start popping the piping hot dumplings and they are lovely and delicious. Juicy minced chicken with some shallots in the center and works beautifully to warm the soul on such a cold night. I cant say enough and how pleased and satisfied I was after having the chicken dumplings.
I went on to order the spring rolls, the fried rice and the chicken with XO sauce for takeaway. Well the spring rolls were good, except it had pork in it while I thought them to be vegetarian. The chicken with XO sauce was descent as well- good serving size and freshly made to order.

So all in all, while Orange turned out to be a damper, Dum Dum dumplings was definitely a good find and I loved the hot soup and dumplings on a cold icy night. It’s a very economical restaurant. Average price of dish is $13~$15. I would definitely go here, if I am in Orange – to have the dumplings.

Dum Dum Dumplings
Between Red Pepper Indian and Mr Sushi King
305 Summer Street Orange NSW

02 6361 1683

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  1. There are so mamy places ypu could have gone if you had some local knowledge or went on a saturday. Orange is very quite on sunday nights. But dum dum dumplings is good for a takeaway joint!