Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thar Indian Cuisine, Dubbo

All Right, this one about Dubbo. As we head into Dubbo via Mudgee from Sydney at about 3 PM, we checked into the hotel and went down to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Dubbo like any Aussie town other than Sydney and Melbourne, is a small town and becomes very quite after 7~7:30 P.M. While the online world and view did state there were a number of cafes and restaurants, in reality when we walked to the main street, numbers were very limited.yes the regular fast food chains were all open- Macca’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Red Rooster, but who wants to have that anyways on a holiday.

For us, there was a Spanish tapas joint, a pizza place, kebab house, a Chinese joint and the Indian place. There was one fine dining joint in Dubbo, but may be we were not in the mood that day to go fine dining.

So we opted for the Indian place- called Thar Indian Cuisine. Well, in small towns, I do use the metric to see how well the restaurant is filled and this one had quite a few people. We walked in and this place was abuzz with people. The first things that catches you is the décor. There are basic indian eateries and then there those that make it too Indian with the stereotyped artefacts and antiques. This one was interesting because it did have the stereotyped one, but with a difference. They had hanged long coloutful dupatta’s from the ceiling and given them a knot. Along with them a few rajasthani artefacts like the puppets and all.

The restaurant had a mother son duo running the show. We looked around and there were mostly Aussie families, and hardly any Indians. Wow! Must be good. We ordered for the Fish Fry and the Pudina Chicken Tikka for starters. For mains we settled for a simple Panchmel Daal- which was a combination of 5 daals. Also ordered the roti’s.

The food arrived in some time. Ill be honest. The pudina tikka was a bit of a sad affair. While I checked at ordering that it didn’t have the overly red coloured tikka paste on it, wen it came, it appeared to have a green basting on the top of the chicken tikka.  I expected it to be heavy with flavors of mint, coriander, chilies. Unfortunately, the chicken tikka’s were cold, and not too tasty. On a cold night, it would have been great if these were piping hot and flavorsome. It seemed to me it was merely reheated or microwaved.

The next dish was the Fish pakoda and this one was great. I loved it. Bassa fish dipped in a batter and deep fried. Served piping hot, the batter had a good flavorsome coating and with the fish, it tasted great. I loved it. Simply put, it was tasty and yum. The god part was that the golden batter of besan, which was deep fried was not overtly spiced or adventurous and sometime you just love the basics.

Next in the main course came the Panchmel Daal- which I believe is a mixture of five lentils slow cooked. Normally in Indian restaurants, you get served either the black lentils or the yellow ones. This one seemed interesting as it had a mixture of 5 lentils. It was served in a small little cute bucket. The daal was extremely flavorsome. I loved it again. Simply dal and roti- but tasted so wow. The daal wasn’t too spiced, medium spiced and flavored and quite thick in consistency. So all in all, again a good dish. I never thought I would say this, but I would have never got a daal packed and done for a takeaway from the leftovers- but I did so here.

Later I did speak to the owner and they did mention that they were previously a takeaway joint and from last one year, they opened the restaurant. I think it’s a descent place- has god promise of doing better. In  a remote place like Dubbo, good to see an Indian joint doing well. What I liked was the family feeling and humbleness of the owners and all working towards a common goal.

A word of advise though the the owners would be to remove the takeaway counter which they have put in the main hall. Although its empty, people might be mislead to think that all food is pre cooked and served repeatedly again and again.

The website is quite good and it seems it gets a lot of online orders.

11.30 AM to 2.30 PM
5.30 PM to till  late
Saturday, Sunday & Monday Dinner only
Ph. 02 68849345
1/10 Cobra Street

(Takeaway & Dine In)
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