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Rama’s Fiji Indian Restaurant, Canberra

Red Interiors!
All right, this ones is about a very interesting cuisine. Fiji Indian Cuisine. Normally, you would see Indian cuisine being used as an overarching brand. Be it Nepalese, Pakistani or Bangladeshi- they all use Indian cuisine as a brand. Be it for the similarity or be it because Indian sells more. Now, we were in Canberra after a Friday working day in Sydney. The long drive thanks to cruise control and the relatively straight rhough drive from Sydney to Canberra luckily left us with some energy to try and explore a dinner out in Canberra. It is another matter that whatever energy we had left from the drive actually drained the extremely cold winter night at Canberra, which was significantly colder than Sydney. As we searched for options, we came across Rama Fiji Indian Cuisine.

Mango Lassi
Located at Pearce, which was a bit of a drive from the main city, this was a small eatery in a shopping complex in the middle of the residential neighborhood. What made us curious was what was Fiji Indian cuisine and how different was it from the regular run of the mill Indian restaurants. To be honest, I knew Fiji had a lot of second and third generation of Indians who had migrated many centuries back. We called up the restaurant and while it closes at 9, they kept open for us till 10:00.
The restaurant was cute and cosy little eatery with red walls, although a bit too red I guess :-). I was sceptical, anxious and excited all at the same time. High Risk leads to High rewards or High Losses.
To begin with, the restaurant was definitely full of people, even at thus hour, which is a good sign. As we settled in and looked at the menu, it did look similar to Indian menu but luckily a smaller and shorter menu. So another good sign. Restaurants which make almost everything under the sun with a long menu- are probably ones that cant differentiate between the dishes themselves.
Fish Pakoda's
It’s a small little family run business. The lady, of Fiji Indian descent was extremely warm and welcoming and friendly. As we settled we decided to give it a try to the Fish Pakora’s. There were a few interesting appetizers such as Roti Parcels and Bhara. Taking the safer option, we ordered the Fish pakoda. We did enquire which fish was used and were told its ling. Along with the Fish Pakoda, we ordered a mango lassi. To be honest, the appetizers didn’t impress me much. The fish didn’t seem to be ling and it was bit more fishier than ling. Being a fish eater, I somehow knew this wasn’t ling, given that ling is one of my favourite fishes. The batter had excessive turmeric. Likewise, the mango Lassi was just too sweet and had a bit of a distinct taste of some essence.
For mains we ordered the Goat Curry and Dhal, along with Rice and Roti. 

One of the best Goat Curry ever!
This is where the tide changed from a low tide of flavors to a high tide and me surfing like a golden beach boy on the spices and gravy. Man, the goat curry was heavenly. I was again skeptical about ordering goat, like most places, because of my passionate love for goat curry and the frequent disappointment I get at most places either because the goat is too chewy or its far too spicy. But not here. The goat curry was simply fantastic and mind blowing. It also had its own character and flavor, which is difficult to describe, but far too awesome that made me realize that this is Fiji Indian Goat Curry. I could go on and on and on and rave about how great the curry was. Let me tell you, a testimony of how great the curry was. I was craving to have it one more time and I actually called up the restaurant on Sunday, before I drove back to Sydney. Unfortunately, the restaurant is open only from Tuesday to Saturday.
The Dhal was also quite delicious. Quite different from the Indian version. Quite dense and thick and really delicious. With Dhal, you want it to be simple and this was really delicious, not too over spiced.
Garlic Parantha's
The whole meal roti’s were more like the parantha’s back at home. The garlic paranthas were also descent.  The masala tea at the end was great as well, perfect to finish off a great dinner on a cold and rainy day.

Overall, a great little eatery and while the starters were a bit of a dampener, I believe the mains were far too good to be true. Trust me, if I had the chance Id go back to Canberra, just to have the goat curry again. All in all, highly recommended from my end.
Rama’s Fiji Indian Retaurant
Phone: 62861964
Pearce Shopping Center, Pearce, Cnr of Macfarland and Hodgson Cres.
Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 5:30 P.M.

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