Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Mexican, Port Douglas

All right, this one is about our second night at Port Douglas. After a long day across the Mossman Gorge, we dressed up and decided to go for Mexican. Now, in port Douglas, there are a number of eateries and most of them pretty high end and expensive. There are the usual pubs with pub food, and then there are a lot of restaurants with celebrity chefs and mostly into the Modern Australian cuisine or Italian food. Unlike most holiday destinations where you get a good mix of high, end, middle end and then cheap eats, Port Douglas usually has a high percentage of the expensive restaurants. Anyways, when you holiday, you got to party in style.
The Mexican it was. Now one night before, on our first night, we walked the main street and looked at the places and the reviews on Trip Advisor. While we settled for another restaurant on the first night, I had made a mental note of this place for a must visit. Why? I’m glad you asked. As I walked outside this restaurant, the fragrance and aroma had me intoxicated and hungry. So, second night, there was no other thing than the Mexican.
To begin with, it’s a small eatery along with outside seating on the pavement. We settled for a seat outside and looked through the menu. To start with, I ordered for a Classic Margherita, while my friend ordered the Watermelon Daiquiri. Now, I am usually not too keen for cocktails, given that they cost 20 bucks and then hardly have any alcohol. I was thinking if I should have a beer or not. Anyways, settled  with the margherita. For starters, we ordered the Jalapeno Poppers and the Hot Wings.
Well, the Margherita’s were absolutely awesome. Wow! What a punch. Two of these babies and you just love the world. The watermelon Daiquiri was also pretty good and very tasty.
The jalapeno poppers were really good. Loved it. Served with Philly cream cheese and mango ketchup, it was really good. Although, I got to admit, I have had far more hotter poppers, but nonetheless, it was good, specially with the cream cheese filling and the mango sauce.
The next one is the Hot Wings. Now wings is an emotional subject for me. Back in Sydney and most of Australia, when you order chicken wings, they are either simply deep fried in itself along with some sweet chilly sauce, or else, they may be sticky and gooey, glazed in some kind of a hickory barbecue sauce. But the wings here in Port Douglas are so different. What they do is that they take the wing, they marinate it, then they give it an egg wash followed by a run thorugh the crumbs before deep frying it. The result is an extremely beautiful looking gorgeous flavoursome and crunchy chicken wing. Now these chicken wings are hot and served with carrots and celery sticks along with blue cheese. Wow! One of the best chicken wings I have had. Purely for their crunch. Gorgeous looking golden orangish wings and to cool off, blue cheese sauce. Um.! Highly recommended.
Next comes the mains. We decided to order tacos. We were not to keen for nachos or burritos. So tacos it was. The first one was the ranchero beef mince. The second taco was the Shredded Chicken. The third taco was the Fiery Crocodile. Now when they came over, I tried to guess which one was which and got it totally wrong. The Fiery Crocodile was what I guess was the chicken. It was very interesting. Tasted a bit like chicken and bit like fish. Looked like chicken. Very tasty and I was quite sceptical to try it initially, but glad that if I tried it, it was in a Mexican taco along with lot of spices. The habanero sauce made it pretty hot.
Next was the ranchero mince, which was pretty good again, mince along with green chillies, jalapenos and cheese sauce, which gave it a very good mix of mince, heat and cheesy. Loved it. This was my second best one.  The last was the chicken which was descent, a bit simple though. Shredded chicken, guacamole, and grape tomatoes. Pretty descent again.
Now with this and the two margheritas I was still a bit hungry- and I ordered the Pulled Pork taco and Quesadilla.  The pulled pork taco was also delicious, not too hot and served with a pineapple salsa and fresh spring onions.
I was excited by the fact that it would have chorizo. I did think it would be filled with chorizos and hot sauce. It was served similar to the Indian Paranthas to be honest. It had a filling of potatoes, chorizo and hot sauce. It was quite filling and to be honest, different but tasty.
Now what’s very exciting is that this small little eatery, has something called as a wall of heat. It has a wall with all the different hot sauces across the world. I did have a chat with the lady at the counter and got to know that the one which is the hottest one is a small bottle called Blair’s Ultra Death. There was a warning on the bottle and well, I said lets try a drop. Let me tell you- one or two drops and it was this intense heat. Man, I have never had anything so hot. Unbelievable crazy!
Overall, this is a great place, I loved my evening. Great ambience, cute small place. And yes, the staff is so friendly. I would love to come to this place again.
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