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The Little Larder, Port Douglas

The Little Larder, Port Douglas
All right, this one is about a breakfast place we ventured into at Port Douglas. Again, over all these years, breakfast is a big fascination whenever we are at holiday.  A perfect start to a day is with a great breakfast. We ended up at the little larder, looking at great reviews online. A regular café at Macrossan St, Port Douglas. Quite busy as expected. We go in and wait for 5-10 minutes before getting a seat outside on the street. The ambience is relaxed and casual. People can sit inside in the café or outside, at the porch and surrounds or at the street. A look at the menu and its qute the typical breakfast menu. Initially when I was new in Australia, about 10 years back, I always had this feeling of wpow – so many new things to try. But perhaps now, after all these years, the brekkie menu is all about toasts, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, or a granola bowl, muselli or vegetable fritters. Well, over here, a similar menu. There were toasts, poached ocean trout, mushrooms on toasts, buttermilk waffles. White beans shukshuka and then the regular eggs and bacon.
Well, we ordered one was a brekkie which was the onesie with extra mushroom ragu. So the onesie had a wood fired toasted ciabatta, topped with a strip of smoked bacon and poached egg. This came along with the extra of one mushroom ragu, which was basically, wild mushrooms in truffle oil. To accompany this what caught my attention was the Punjabi chai. I did ask if it was with milk and yes it was.
My friend ordered another similar one- this was the vegetable onesie. This one again had a toasted ciabatta bread, topped with Haloumi, scrambled eggs, slow roasted tomato and loads of bacon. This one was beautifully decorated plate with a green herby sauce spread all around the plate. The drink which was ordered with this one was a house made lemonade with fresh turmeric and ginger.
Well, the food was descent and okay. Did it wow me? Perhaps no! But did I like the food.Yes. Descent quality food, nice spot to sit around and relax. The eggs, I wish were a bit warmer, which is usually my complain with most places. Similarly here, the poached eggs was too cold for my liking. The Punjabi chai, to be honest had got me excited, thinking this might be a good masala tea, but unfortunately, this was a regular tea with spices, kind of reminded me of Chai Latte to be honest. Likewise for my friend, the house made lemonade with fresh ginger and turmeric, turned out to be a disappointment.  The overall quality of food is good, the produce is descent, the double smoked bacon and all. Presentation is descent as well. May be its me, that has got used to the regular brekkie fare, but you know what, I might come here again, to try something else.

2/40 Macrossan St, Port Douglas, QLD
Phone number
(07) 4099 6450

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