Monday, August 7, 2017

The Nepalese Chef, Homebush

All right, this one is about The Nepalese Chef, situated at Paramatta road, Homebush, right opposite Horse & Jockey Pub. When we came over today evening, we came looking for Annapurna Nepalese Restaurant but were surprised to see the Nepalese Chef. Firstly, parking is a bit difficult to find as the restaurant is bang on the main Parramatta road. We went into one off the streets next to the restaurant and then went on a round. Only after we parked on the street, did we see the boards saying that the parking for the restaurant is behind in the alley. Perhaps a need for better signage and lights near the parking entrance. 
Interiors have been re done, and quite cozy. As you enter, there is a huge wall painted with a scenery. The bar is as it was before, and there is a cute little cozy area which has different lighting etc. May be it’s for functions. The young lady who served us was quite pleasant and charming. We settled in and ordered the chicken Momo’s along with a goat curry, garlic naan, potato pickles and a pulao.
The chicken momo’s were descent. Not the most juiciest but descent and flavoursome. The sauce was okay as well but I have had better momo chutneys. Next we were served the goat curry and rice along with the potato pickle. We were served the food but no plates. As we called the the young man to get us the plates, he asked if we needed the big plates and looked surprised and I found that quite surprising. The food – we the goat curry was okay but I found the quality o goat a bit too chewy and the pieces cut were confusing. The curry in itself was okay- with a prominent flavour of coriander powder, but the meat was just too chewy and the way the meat was cut, it was least enjoyable. The rice was a bit undercooked. The potato pickle was okay again, but the peas in the pickle were a just hard and raw. They should have probably used baby peas.
All in all, a disappointment and I am likely not to come here again, or if I do, I would try something else. Opens every day from 5:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M.
The Nepalese Chef
53 Parramatta Road Homebush NSW
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