Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cafe Thailand, Cairns

All right, Day 2 into Cairns and a long day. We started of, got a transfer for the Kuranda Scenaic Railway. A long cable car over the rainforest for about 8 kms, over a period of one and a half hour. While my fear of heights made me freak out at the height in the cable car. Nonetheless, it was beautiful, pristine and untouched. Lush green dense forests and waterfalls, boy, I must admit, there is never a more beautiful sight that I have seen so far. The hippy village of Kuranda and then the scenic train back to Cairns.

The train drops us at Cairns Central. As I enter Cairns Central I was expecting to see a busy Central station but on the contrary, its a quite station, where a few intercity trains comes in a few times in a day. Anyways, As we walk back from Cairns Central into the Cairns Central Shopping Mall and onto Shields Street. Dead Tired and the walk back is a bit of a walk, I am seriously confused, if I should either go to the hotel and then eat out later, or do a take away on the way to the hotel  and eat in the room, or may be just eat out and then go home.

As I keep walking through the Shields Street, searching on the phone, its utter chaos and confusion. Indian- No, had it yesterday. Italian, No. Vietnamese. There is Hanuman with a good rating, but no, away from the hotel, cant afford. So we reach the intersection of lake street and Sheridan and take a left, for the hotel. Reach Aplin Street and realise there is a flock of bats flying out as the sunsets. We decide Cafe Thailand as our bet for the night. A small little eatery with simple seating inside - maybe about 10 tables and seating outside. Women dressed in traditional purple silk dresses.

We settle outside and order for the chicken spring rolls as starters, red curry in chicken, stir fry prawns with chilli garlic sauce. The spring rolls arrive first followed by the red curry and rice. last is the stir fry.
Well, the best thing is that the stir fry is actually wow. It has prawns, vegetables and it is actually spicy. Man, what a genuine surprise to find something like this. The chicken spring roll is piping hot and good and crunchy although I wish it had more chicken than the vegetables. The red curry was a bit different. It was more liquidy than other, less viscous consistency. The color was yellowish rather than the orangish color usually. This had loads of veggies and chicken. Relatively thinner than other redcurry gravies I have had, but pretty good I'd say.

The service was good and the food was heart warming. Perhaps Id say this was not as memorable as the Chiang Mai Thai in Gold Coast, but still highly recommended. The food was fresh and crunchy and delicious.  If I were in Cairns, I would come here for Thai. The rice was served a few times, and was paid for extra.

All in all a descent place- very basic, good food, freshly cooked. Good Sevrice and Fast. Large portion


If you sit outside on a great evening, its perfect. The meal cost us less than AUD 50.

Cafe Thailand
Shop 7/93 Aplin St & The Esplanade QueenslandAUS

07 4041 2624

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