Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Chowk

Place: Level 3, Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon
A quick lunch away from office with team mates, to
celebrate one of our colleagues who just returned from Australia. A quick brainstorming on available options, started from deciding the cuisine. For lunch in Gurgaon, at Metropolitan Mall in Indian cuisine, we figured that the options included Chor Bizzare, Bauji ka Dhaba, Moti Mahal, and The Chowk.
While we went into Bauji ka Dhaba, an obnoxious stench emanating in the restraint forced us to leave the quickly as we quickly we entered. The next stop was The Chowk.
Claim to Fame: Buffet Lunch Non Vegetarianetarian@ Rs. 175, Vegetarianetarian @Rs. 155.
As we entered, I must that the ambience is quite well suited to the cuisine, though stereotyped. As the cuisine is Indian and North West Frontier, the
ambience is typically as I would have expected. Earthenware artifacts, waiters and staff in pathani suits. One of the interesting things that I noticed was that near the bar, there was a series of bulbs suspended from the ceiling, in banta bottles. The banta lemon that we have at the road side were cut from the bottom and the bulbs were fitted in that bottle, something quite unique.
What to eat?
We started of with a non-vegetarianetarian platter. A glimpse into the menu

suggested any of the starters were 250 and above, consisting of 6 peices. The non-vegetarianetarian platter cost 450 bucks. It had 12 pieces.
Seekh kebabs were ordinary and nothing to surpass my expectation. Very ordinary and in fact, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
Next item on the platter were the Chicken Banno kebabs, which were quite tasty. I am not sure if it was my excessive hunger that made it tastier, but I’d give the due credit to the Chicken Banno Kebabs. Quite soft, tender and layered texture of the meat was quite delicious.
The Haryali Chicken Tikkas were again quite average and nothing that I’d recommend.
The Tangri Kebabs looked quite delicious. It here that I would point out that the Tangri Kebabs were quite unique. Roasted chicken drumsticks were stuffed with a filling of Keema or minced meat. While the tangri were quite unique with the stuffing, the stuffing could have been tastier. The Tangri were grilled well and but somehow lacked the taste. The stuffing could have been spicier.
For main course we decided to take the buffet. The buffet spread was not very elaborate. It seemed to be the poor mans meal. The buffet can best be described as that for people who were low on budget and/or wanted to host people without incurring a big bill in good ambience. The buffet spread included
  • Steamed rice
  • Raita
  • Dal makhani
  • Mushroom matar
  • Shahi Paneer
  • Chicken Curry
  • Mutton Rogan Josh
  • Gulab jamuns
  • Tandoori roti and Naan (no butter)
The food was not so wow at all. A disappointment to be very precise. The mutton and chicken pieces were not cut properly and it seemed to be too bony, without the meat. The texture of meat for both chicken and mutton was just about average. It seemed to be just about average. As if it was a mere formality. No one seemed to have paid attention to the dishes. The non-vegetarian in particularly reminded me of the state of apathy that one faces in most north Indian marriages. Food served for the sake of it.
The service was outrageously poor. One of our colleagues asked for a bowl for raita and were told promptly told that the same is not available as part of the buffet, which was just unacceptable. The cutlery again was not of the best quality. The dishes, plates were scratched as if they have been in use since World War I.
Drinks: a bar was positioned on the right hand side of the restraint as you entered. Brands such as Glen Fiddich, Johnny Walker red and blue level, Jack Daniels amongst others featured on the display. Buy two get one featured on the drinks.
Overall remarks:
In a place like Metropolitan Mall, though the location, ambience as well as the prices on the menu card were in sync with the market average, however, the service and food quality left a lot to be desired. The Chowk is definitely one of the places that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Being a foodie myself, I would rather not subject myself to another meal at that place. The food leaves a lot to be desired. As I mentioned previously, my thought on that place is that it is a typical poor mans place in a place like metropolitan mall. While the buffet is cheaply priced, I’d say the food and service leave a lot to be desired. Perhaps an ideal place for team lunches who are bound by budget constraints, or for college going students.
If I were to suggest, there would be lot many places like Chor Bizzare, Moti Mahal, where I would rather go and eat. Irrespective of a team lunch or a quite get together with friends, my take is to have good food at a great place rather than just go out for the sake of it and compromise.
Quick Facts
The Chowk
Level 3, Metropolitan Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon
A meal for two: (excluding drinks) Rs. 800- Rs 1000
Must Have dishes:
Chicken Banno Kebabs
Do not have:
The buffet- a strict no. Rather go for the A-la-carte, where you might be fortunate enough to savour something that might make this joint more memorable.

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