Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Fizz

A quite getaway in the neighborhood, for that quite dinner with your loved ones, or perhaps a drink after a long day at work. The Fizz, located on Level 2 at the DLF Galleria market, DLF Phase IV. If you happen to venture into the restaurant before 8, you would be in the happy hours. Typically, you’d get 40% of on all hard drinks. The restaurant also provides a corporate discount of 20% on the food. Being on the top floor of Galleria market, if the weather is good, which is a rare phenomenon in Gurgaon, you would have the option to sit out in open air. Else, to escape from the summer heat, venture into the restaurant. While I admit that there have rare occasions when I have gone to this restaurant for food, (I think only once), predominantly, I like this place to go in for a drink with friends, or meeting that good old friend.
In my various visits, I have predominantly sampled the starters at this place. The chilli chicken is something I always order. What is distinctively different about the Chilli Chicken is that despite the usual fanfare of diced onions and capsicums, the chicken here is quite crunchy and crispy. The chilli honey potato or the Chilli Paneer is equally well cooked. The serving size is just about average, perhaps a bit less especially in the starters, but nonetheless, no complaints I’d say.
The Tandoori Chicken full is priced at Rs. 275/- , whereas the half is priced at Rs.170/-.
Chilly Chicken Rs 235.
Veg Starters
Paneer Tikkas @ Rs 195/-.
Chilly Potato @ Rs.125/-
The price and serving size is justified by the location, the service as well as the ambience. Looking into the location I’d say its probably an economical place.
This time the occasion was a quite catch up with two of my best friends, one who had come over from Chandigarh and another who had come back from work at 10 in the night and I was just looking for a place to sit and chat comfortably at 10.20 in the night, have a couple of drinks. Arriving at that time, there was no happy hours and that is perhaps when I realized that the drinks were a bit steeply priced. A regular VAT 69 large (60ml) was priced at Rs 320/-. An Indian beer like KF was priced Rs.165/-. Besides the drinks, we ordered various snacks which were just fine as I have already mentioned.
Dinner consisted of a Punjabi Murgh, Shahi Paneer along with roti’s. The shahi paneer was just too sweet, a common mistake that I came across when I was in Sydney, but was amused to find something like that in North India, the home for the butter chicken gravy. The Punjabi chicken was just about OK, nothing that I would boast about. Just meets expectation.
Good ambience, location, views and service. Food is not something I’d boast about, neither would I complain. Above average in terms of food. An ideal place for drink in the evening with your friends or after a tiring day at work. Make sure you are there during the happy hours when they offer a 40% discount. Good Value for money.
Must Have:
Nothing specific, the starters, Try the chilli chicken
Must Not Have:
Nothing as such, just bear in mind that after the happy hours, the drinks are a bit steeply priced wrt to the lvel of restaurant.
Quick Facts
The Fizz
R-II, DLF Galleria, DLF Phase – IV, Gurgaon
Ph: +91-124-4051695, 4051024

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