Sunday, October 24, 2010


This much celebrated restaurant, has been in Gurgaon, for close to 10 years, i.e. to say that I have stayed in Gurgaon since 2000. Ironically, the chance to try out this place has come after these 10 years, and trust me, after trying it out, I can only regret why I didn’t venture here previously.

Amibience wise, I rate as very high. I loved the décor and lighting. Something about this place as I entered, made me like this instantly. Its not like one of those stereotyped high end plush hotels, rather, its got this freshness in its décor, which appeals. Its got this modern blend, along with a hint of a chill out café, and furniture, which has this spansih influence. The dim lighting, a small fountain amidst the tables, bar at the other end of the restaurant. Its got this Spanish/ Goa feel.

Moving onto the food, we ordered, a ‘Bruschetta con Salsicce Arroste e Formaggio’ or the non-veg bruschhetta as a starter. While the bruschetta is usually a hard bread, here it was relatively soft along with a topping of cheese, capsicum, onion and sausages. Quite delicious I must say. Sprinkle oregano chilli flakes and some olive oil, and just perfect.

This was followed by the main course, consisting of Lasagna con scelta di salsa Bolognese o Pollo, or the lamb lasagna. I would say the lasagna was just about descent. Garnished with cheese on the top and minced lamb mixed with the aromatic herbs. The portion was quite sufficient for a single person. The lasagna could have been a bit more cheesier and the flavour of lamb mince, if more prominent, would have made it just perfect. Nonetheless, I’d say pretty descent.

Moving on, the best discovery of the evening was the Grilled fish with rosemary and lemon butter sauce. Served with boiled vegetables such as carrots, beans, baby corn, along with two fillets of grilled fish, butter and lemon sauce. Just perfect. The fish was perfectly textured, marinated in vinegar, made the smell disappear, and it was perfectly grilled. The fish along with the lemon butter sauce, was just heavenly.

Overall, a great place to chill out in the evening. Well informed and courteous staff, great ambience, and delicious food. I’d say I’ll be back again at this place, whenever im in the mood for Italian.

Quick Facts
NR-27, Nathupur, DLF-3, Gurgaon
Tel:0124-4061895, 4062479

Meal for Two: Rs 1000/-
Cuisine: Italian
Bar: Yes

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  1. My fellow restaurant reviewer,

    A good review, a good insight. It would do good to add your verdict too... like a point- number system.

    Also the photos stand out better in a white background. ( just telling from experience)