Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chat thai

The best place for Thai in Sydney. And amongst the cheap eats as well. Chat Thai for me is what pie is to harry's. This is essentially no frills, no drama place for me. It is what pure good food is all about.
Multiple locations in Sydney, the main one being opposite to the capitol theater in Campbell street. Other locations include Westfield mall in the city, manly and a few others.
The one where I have been going to for the last four years mainly is the one opposite to capitol theater. Many memories. Right from going for the first time with my punjab da puttar friend who takes pride in being the Indian, asked the little cute waitress to make the Chilli fried rice extra spicy. That fragile cute lil girl serving us turned to be the reincarnation of the devil and the spice probably made us lose two kilos of weight by sweating. Man it was hot.

There are many memories of me frequenting with another friend here and at the Westfield outlet. A rainy afternoon lunch, many post drunken brawl dinners, singing Bollywood songs for her at the queue while waiting for our turn.

Lets get to business.

Usually open from mid day till late night. Food is amazing. What I would recommend.

In the appetizers, chicken satay and the chicken and prawn dumplings.

No meat no pork for me so I end up ordering the khao grapao sub, a dish with minced chicken with basil, with rice and a fried egg. This is essentially my most favorite dish. The chilli fried rice is also mean and good. The red curry is fabulous. The green curry is not to my liking, but that's probably because of the taste.i have have had my friends have the fried snapper and praise it. There are a couple of prawn dishes. One is a king prawn with chilli relish which is simply out of the world. Another is king prawns with black pepper.
Try their selections of desserts which is awesome. They have a small open kitchen at the entrance.
The decor is friendly, rustic walls and dark wooden strips. Small tables and stools to sit on. At the entrance is a board and they ask you if you are ok to share a table. The restaurant is thin and long and cramped for space a little bit but the buzz and the energy is simply mind blowing. Most people serving wear the yellow t shirts and look like young college students. All in all, awesome food.
Things to be know
They have different menus at different parts of the day. The lunch menu is different from the dinner menu and the supper menu.
In the evening there might be a wait for a table. Gets really busy.
All in all, I'll come here specially for thai food, if I am craving for it. Infact its like a ritual, whenever I am in Sydney, it is one of the first places I visit.

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