Thursday, February 28, 2013

China Red

While at Melbourne, I was constantly searching on the internet for the best places to eat in the city . I came across a place in Swanston street and upon reaching there, realized it was closed due to renovation. That made me head towards china town on the little Bourke street. Walking through china town, the next on my list was a dumpling place which seemed far ahead on Little Bourke, ahead of Myers. So we settled into China Red.

A small restaurant inside a mall. The decor was very Asian  Red walls and colored light. As you enter, the left side had seating area, followed by a partition, a table and reception  in front with lot of wine bottles. On the right was the kitchen, an open one with glass and you could see the lady there making delicate dumplings.
A wait for 5 minutes and we got a table. The USP about this place is that they have Ipads on each table with the menu. You can select on the things you want to eat, and order there from the tablet. No waiters to come to the table to take the orders.

As we settled in, we asked for some water. We were very interested I trying out dumplings for some reason. However the menu had a few dumpling options and mostly were meat or pork. No options for chicken. So we settled for the prawn dumplings.

In the chicken there were many options. We ordered for a fried chicken with curry leaves, as it looked quite tempting on the adjacent table.

The food came in quickly. The dumplings were OK. I had often thought and read Melbourne was quite cheap. But 8 bucks for 3 dumplings didn't seem cheap to me. May be prawn is more expensive. Taste wise, just about OK. The fried chicken with curry leaves was good. A but unusual to see the usage of curry leaves in Chinese food. The chicken was crunchy, and tasty, although a bit too oily to be honest and made me feel a bit heavy from the heart. May be this would go good with drinks etc.

Post this we were a bit hungry but not fully due to all the oil but didn't order any more. We tried asking the waiter a few times on what to order but communication was a bit of a challenge. They didn't try to make it better or understand what I wanted.

So mixed reviews. Food ok. Price ok. This costed us about AUD 25. Service: food delivery ok. Overall experience Not too good.

Will I go there again. May be not.
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Shop 6, 206 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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