Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doyles @ Watson

Being in Australia for the last few years, you cant help realising and recogninzing the obvious. The influence of british and the uk. From street names, the flag, the coins its all there. I  fact even in the news you'll see a lot if coverage of british news, which initially looks unusual until you rrcognise the love for britain and thr past. For quite a majority, ancestrol roots do trace back to the queen and the kingdom.
Although, Australia has its very own distinct culture and way of life which is unparallelled. People here are more friendly and easy going as opposed to the stiff upper lip for the brits.
But in the britishness, how can one not talk about the fish and chips. Infact in american perceptory movies like Snatch by Guy Ritchie, the american jest and sneer about britain is " England- fish and chips, bad weather. Anything to declare.. Yes don't go to england."
But coming back to the food, Sydney being by the sea and the love for england, you will always find fish and chips. Go to any beach, be it Manly, Coogee or Bondi, you will always find the fish and chips store. Versions of the grilled fish or the fish in the beer batter. Calamari, barramundi, prawns etc.
Now the place I am talking about is Doyles. One of the best places for Fish and chips. Located at watsons bay, the best way to reach here is to take a ferry from circular quay.
As you get off at the watson bay from tye ferry and walk down the pier, there are two doyles. First on the right is doyles, which has a take away shop at the back. On the right is Doyles by the sea, which is more like the fine dining version.
Coming back to the first doyles, as you walk down the pier, on the right you see a nice cabin and seats to sit by the pier. There is a bar and the whole cabin is over the sea. If you sit right by the window, you get this amazing view and water below you. The place to order food is behind the bar, with a counter and a pay as you go. You order, pay, take away and then come and sit in the cabin or outside.
The things Id say must have is the fish and chips and specially the garlic prawns. Really nice. I am sure you if you go in for any of the other fishes, grilled. The regular fiah and chips are nice as well. Not too oily and doesnt make you heavy at heart.  They also have the grikled barramundi, oysters, pre cooked prawn salads etc.
All in all great place. If you like fish and chips, must visit. Doyles is renowned from many years. Its a good outing to come by the ferry, enjoy a meal and then go up the park and into the national park. Its the north head, with exceptional views. As you climb up, you suddenly realise you are at the top of the cliff from where water enters into the sydney harbour.

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