Friday, February 8, 2013

Red Pepper

After an entire day at Great Ocean Drive and I am determined to make it big on the food scene in the city of Melbourne, I switch on the GPS on my phone and walk from Elizabeth street to the parliament. At 11 in the night, on a Friday night and 1.5 kms from the hotel, I surely am tired, but am determined to make the most of my visit to Melbourne. Besides its a good opportunity to see the night life and some hot drunk women.
As I walk down Elizabeth and take a left on the Bourke street, I am amazed at the city. Still awake, cafes and pubs still open, trams still running. A 15 minute walk and I reach Red Pepper Indian restaurant. There is a seating on the street outside, with a perfectview of the Victorian Parliament across the street. As I enter the restaurant, the decor is british, colonial setting. Simple and elegant. The interiors are not  overdone or stereotyped. White walls with blsck and white pictures of colonia, days of India-Annandale, Shimla.
At  11 in the night, I am definitely impressed with the crowd. A mix of Indians and locals, few couples, few freinds. The conter is adorned by a sikh gentleman in his 50's. After two days, I was craving for simple food. I was here for a take away to get back home. I asked sardarji what was goodnand he mentioned the  chicken tikka masala. Remebering my past experiences with the over sweet and over coloured butter chicken, I politely declined. Ordered for the chicken panjabi masala, dal tadka, roti and a portion of rice. The total bill came to AUD 20. Pretty impressive. Main course dishes were in the range of 10-14 AUD. Daal was 4, rice 4, rpties 2 dollars each approx.
As I head back to the hotel and openend the takeaway boxes on the bed with my mum and brother, I can tell you the fragrance was intoxicating. The food was good quality. Chicken Punjabi was perfect blend of fried onions and thick curry with a spicy twist, but not overspiced. The rotis were good and so was the daal, although a bit too thick in consistency for my taste. All in all, a great meal for three in under 20.. awesome. Melbourne definitely lives up to the name of being economical. I am always apprehensive about eating Indian outside in Australia because of the rampant abuse of spices and colours.
Red pepper indian definitely is a great place with great taste and quite economical. Recommended.
14 Bourke Street Melbourne

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