Monday, February 18, 2013

Woodfire Kirrbilli

Woodfire kirribilli is a small little pizzeria at Milsons Point, a couple of shops from rhe westpac bank opposite the station entrance.
I have covered this place in my previous post for Pizzas. One of the best pizzas I have had in Sydney. Woodfired.
A usual meal would be the garlic bread, the chicken and spinach pizza. In fact when it comes to chicken, its probably the only pizza. In pizzas they have two sections, the one with the red sauce base and the other with the white sauce base. In the vegerarian section, I personally lile their four chese pizza although a bit too cheesy to be honest. But too damn good pizzas. A good evening with that special one,  bottle of red, along with pizzaa, salad and a view of the bridge, perfect.
Even if you are with your mates, just grab a few pizzas, head down to the BWS store for a few bottles, and down to the park below the harbor bridge. Long saturday nights and great friendship developing at this place which gets imbibed in your memory forever.
Return back to the restaurant and even if ur sober, finish it off with a coffee and homemade tiramisu. Heavely.
All in all a good place for casual dining. Cheap eat.
A meal for two AUD 20-40.
Accepts EFTPOS.
CAUTION: Does close early during

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