Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bangkok Snap

Wonder how god turned favorable and heard what I said. All thus while in Strathfield, I was repulsed with the excessive number of Korean restaurants and sad that there were no Thai Restaurants. And then suddenly there came up two restaurants. Maenam Lao and Thai which I have covered in a separate post. Bangkok Snap is for the current post.

Saturday evening and my brother wanted to go out. I couldn't figure out what he wanted until he dressed up in his favorite jeans and t shirt. I took him out for a walk and as we reached Maenam, he recognized it from his previous visit and tugged me to go into the restaurant. Considering we have been there a few times, I took him towards Bangkok Snap. To my surprise, it was quite busy and full for a Saturday evening. Its got limited seating outside. The inside if the restaurant however doesn't give you the closed and encapsulated feeling. Its quite open and airy. The restaurant is all about street food from Thailand and so the decor in a way is quite casual. Open kitchen, lines of bottles of sauces. One wall has a wallpaper of Thai coasters. Furniture is mostly cane stools or wooden stools and chairs.

As we arrived, one of waitress noted the special ability for my brother and bought in a bigger stool with a cushion, knowing that the existing wooden stool might be uncomfortable. Much appreciated.

Quickly they got us some water and the menu. Sine we we were not too hungry and were looking for a peck, we ordered a serving of the chicken satay and the tom yum soup. Had heard a lot about tom yam so thought its probably worth a try. Asked if the soup could be made with chicken and not prawns, to which she agreed.

The time to serve the food was a bit more than my expectation. Eventually the food arrived and the chicken satay was about ok. In comparison to the satay at chat thai and mamak, bigger size on the sticks. However, a bit chewy. But all good.

Next was the tom yam soup. We had ordered spicy and hell it was spicy. It was real hot. Don't take me to be the stereotyped Indian who can take abnormal amounts of spice. For people who love hot food, they would love it. I liked it. Tangy, light but just a little spicy. I got a takeaway and finished it later. The food that others were getting looked really enticing as well. I think I will come here again  for sure.

Overall good modern and casual dining decor. Good food. Not too expensive. For our order it cost me about AUD 20.

Only thing- they dont accept EFTPOS for less than AUD 20.

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