Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mad Mex

Mad mex. A chain of joints specialising in Mexican food in Sydney. Many outlets. I have tried the outlets in Newtown and at Townhall.
When I compare with similar counterpart GYG or Guzman ol Gomez, I find this better as they have a level of greater customization. Much like a subway, you get to the counter and order your base- tortilla, taco followed by veggies, beans, guacamole, meat or chicken and the salsa. The salsa has many variants and degree of spiciness. It is this variants of spicy salsa that makes me love this place.
Decor wise not too much to say. Its a regular fastfood joint. The townhall version does serve coronas. You just sit down with a corona with the lemon and then wait for the chicken Nachos to arrive.
My favourite and why I'd go to this place again and again is the chicken nachos which I just love. There is a bit of history for my fondness for this place. A very close freind of mine in Sydney visited Newtown. What followed in the night started from missing the station, going to Stanmore, walking back to newtown, a bottle of wine and good food at Italianos. All this kept the evening extremely sober till our wine finished at Italiano and we head out to find the next bottle of 'Moscato' and someplace where we could sit down, have light snacks and finish our snacks. We went to kamadhenu but it was closed.
It is in the interest of this review I mention this incident. Some Mad Mex outlets dont allow BYO. We realised this after ordering the Nacho's and paying. Perhaps an indication of goofing around, mischief we were onto. While the learning is to ask Mad mex about BYO, in this particular night, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise and a very memorable night. Walking in the by lanes of newtown, beautiful bottle of wine, awesome chicken nachos and an ok looking friend. ( IM sure she'll kill me if she reads this). We managed glasses from a 7-11 store and drank on the hoods of various cars, in front of random houses, and eventually onto a park. In India this would have been the total local bewda wala kaam which we as guys always do, but never ever have i ever done this in Sydney. Walking in lonely streets and with a bottle of wine and chicken nachos and devouring it while walking, going to a petrol pump and requesting them to open the loo, sitting down in a park and incessant chatting about many things.
But to tell you the truth, those nachos were so amazing and awesome, may be because of the night and the situation. I have become a staunch supporter of Mad Mex. Its all very fresh ingredients and wonderfully spiced chicken with a topping of the cheese sauce.
Another instance when I came out for Boxing day sale and tired after an entire day of shopping ended up in Mad MEx at the food court below Myers. Again great nachos and chilled coronas.
Visit Mad Mex. Its good. Its cheap. Its finger food.
Accepts EFTPOS.
Doesnt allow BYO

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