Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mille Vine

Mille Vine at Surry Hills.
After an evening of pretentious dissappointment, being returned from the crowd of audience for the The Voice at Moore Park, we reach surry hills to this place.
A few seats outside on the street and relatively bigger seating inside. Mille Vine is a wine bar, with an open kitchen specialising in italian food to go with the wine.
The decor was amazing. Relaxed and casual. Interiors wrre a blend of rustic and contemporary. Rustic stone walls with modern wood planks. Dim lighting, candles, and cozy. The music was soft. Just loved the whole set up. The walls had a continuous array of bottles of wine.
The waiters who came over, a young bloke with a thick accent. The menu were in he form of this sheets of antque paper. One for the wine and one for the food.
The starters we ordered were bruschetta and arancini. Both came up quickly. Pretty descent Id say. We relished our order as we chatted over to glory. We were in for just a quick bite and to chit chat.
While we didnt intend to order main course, i must tell you that sitting over the counter over looking the kitchen, it was quite tempting. As they cooked the linguine and the other pastas it really looked great.
Overall the prices are ok. The starters are AUD 10-14. The main course dishes are about AUD 20-28.
Accept EFTPOS. I loved the place and would like to come back again. Quite a relaxed place with great decor and light music and great wine. In fact if I am dating and would like to bring that some one special fir a casual dining, Id like to come here.

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