Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wynyard Hotel

If you ask me what is my craving on Friday afternoons in Sydney, the answer would always be the chicken schnitzel and a pint of coopers ale at the Wynyard hotel. The Wynyard hotel is just a 2 minute walk from my office. The hotel is actually a misnomer, its a bar. As you enter you realize its a bar with a British feel. Its founded in 1873 and still retains the old Victorian feel blended with the modern amenities. More often it is a place where everyone huddles after work, get a few drinks, watch footie and then head back home.

The make amazing chicken schnitzels and top it with dianne sauce or gravy. It is served with fresh rocket salad and chips. Order it with a coke or beer and there you go. Simply amazing and awesome. The schnitzel is perfectly crumb fried golden brown and chicken inside is juicy. A bite with the dianne sauce and its heaven.

I usually go on Fridays and some times it does take time for your order to come. So if you are looking for quick bite, you may look otherwise. If you have an hour then come over. This way you can enjoy the cold beer on a warm sunny day and then have great food.

Highly recommended.
107 Clarence Street Sydney

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