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Bangkok Snap

Bangkok Snap

All right. This one is about Bangkok Snap at Strathfield. My school friend and his expecting wife, and us three. We all get together on a Friday evening and head out aimlessly wondering where to go out to. Options range from North Sydney, which is struck off as it’s too far. Indian ruled out, because we as Indians usually keep eating Indian.  Sri Lankan, ruled out.  Initial talks to go to Newtown but then we decide to explore Strathfield.

Final short listing between Maenam Lao, Beauty and the Beast Korean and Bangkok Snap.

Eventually we decide to go to Bangkok Snap on my recommendation. More open and spacious and the food looked quite tempting the last time I went there.

As we settled in, there were 5 of us- 3 of my family which were Indians with beef pork and 2 of my friends who were relatively more modern and didn’t have these rules. The menu looked quite interesting and we ordered for the starters the Gai (Chicken) Satay, Ka Nom Jeeb (chicken and prawn dumplings). There was one more starter- the Fresh spring roll which had pork and crab meat.

The main course consisted of red curry in chicken, Fried Rice and the garlic and pepper king prawns.

The starters did take a bit of time. The satays were good. The dumplings were also descent, although to be honest, I am not too much of a fan of dishes where two meats are mixed. But nonetheless, all ok so far.  With the spring rolls- Cant comment as I didn’t go for it as I had pork.

Next comes the Fried Rice. This was with minced chicken, chilli, onions, beans and thai hot basil. The rice was served in two big lettuce leaves. In terms of taste. Well, this I suppose was the best one I had. Really hot and tasty. Good presentations as well.

The red curry well looked a bit more yellow than red or orange.  The red curry when I stirred had more than a few vegetables- apple egg plants, green pepper corn, sliced bamboo shoots. Overall, Id be honest that I have had much better red curry’s. well with the choice of veggies, it definitely looked quite authentic. Its just that I didn't have an affinity for the veggies and that’s what made me think may be no, remove them. The chicken was also not too my liking. It was big pieces and boiled and I didn’t like as well. Probably I wouldn't have it again.

The stir fried king prawns with garlic and pepper, onions topped with coriander looked amazing when served. It consisted of king prawns with the entire head, beans, baby corn, bak choy. The taste to be honest, was disappointing. In all the dishes, I had maximum expectation from this dish and this is the one which turned out to be disappointing. A bit too bland. I expected well cooked prawns in arch sauce and a bit spicy. This one just missed the mark.

The jug of lemon lime bitter was also a waste. I didn’t quite like it. Eventually by the end of all this, I was feeling hungry and yet not feeling hungry as well. That state when you are dissatisfied and it doesn’t hit the spot, and you are still craving, but you have already had food. Finally I decide to order Pad Gra Paw Gai. This was the minced chicken cooked with chilli, onion, green beans, and thai hot basil. This dish was awesome. Spicy to the core. The way I expected it to be.  Just awesome.

Overall serving time is ok, not too fast and not too slow. Serving size is descent.
Overall experience – Not too good.
Would I visit there again- May be not.

Bangkok Snap
41, The Boulevarde, Strathfield
02 97466817

a href="http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/70/1725416/restaurant/Sydney/Bangkok-Snap-Strathfield">Bangkok Snap on Urbanspoon

Bangkok Snap on Urbanspoon

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