Thursday, April 4, 2013

Black Coffee Lyrics

All right. This one is about Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise. One sunny morning, craving for a relaxed and sumptuous brekkie makes me go searching on the internet at trip advisor, urban spoon and other sites. Narrow down this strange named cafe with great reviews- Black Coffee Lyrics. I walk down from Vibe into the Surfers Paradise boulevards, turn on Google maps and am trying to locate this joint. Walk down into the street with Hilton, and the map says less than 50 m ahead. Go further and cross the point where the map says BCL should be here, but its not. Decide to walk further, but not to find it anywhere. Just freaks me out when you have a craving, you read great reviews, you are looking forward to it, but its just not there. Almost searching as if I have lost my car keys except that its a whole bloody building which the map says should be there but its not. I go to a 7-11 kind of a store and ask the Asian girl there if she knows where Black Coffee Lyrics is, but she chose to hear only black coffee and says dollar 2.50 only and I say bloody hell. Walk over to the only cafe in front and ask them if they know. The only one blonde waitress running the show seems busy and the  tells me first that she doesn't know and then helpfully says may be its that side- the side where I came from. Yes with temper running high and agitated and irritated and sarcasm begging to break free, I realize there is no point.

My mum offers to have breakfast at any other place like the one with the blonde girl. It is a moment of truth, much like Kumar and Harold go to Whitecastle. I make a silent pledge that I will not have breakfast if don't find BCL. Walk back towards Hilton until I say one more try and this time I start scanning the road at every location. I find out the number from the website and give it a  call but no one picks the phone.Suddenly I find  a small triangle board with an imaginary golden ring on the top like a halo which says BLACK COFFEE LYRICS. It has a shiny arrow that points me inside a shopping arcade on the first floor, much like the direction towards the ring in the Lord if the ring movie.

As I climb up, I am not too sure if its there, but as the view starts coming I can see a rush and crowd and people sitting outside on the corridor. This must be it then, I tell myself.

Outside there are different types of chairs- sofas, wooden chairs, benches. All mixed up. People sitting and chatting away with their coffee or loners with newspapers nd coffee. Walk inside and I tell you, it got an awesome and unique decor. Old rustic decor of a house that has probably been in the swamps for 100 years and now reopened, except that there ia no smell. It takes a while to realize that its been carefully made that way and boy it looks quite real. Right side is a bar and kitchen. Center is a few high rise tables and bar stools. Left is the sitting, again a mixed array. One corner has a tree made out of copper wires and bulbs hanging. The other corner has stacks of books piled from the floor to the ceiling and almost bending out as if it will fall. After settling in you realize the rustic and old look and the books and wire tree gives a very interesting mix of rustic feel, yet makes it cosy as well.

Coming to the food. Interesting menu. Coffee is great. Strong and good blend which gives you the kick. Being the Indian with no pork and beef rules out a few options. Fish - Salmon in the morning is not my cup of tea. I stick to options for eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes etc.

I order the Field mushroom Stack- Served with 2 poached eggs, smothered in Basil Cream sauce served on top of a house made crispy potato rosti on spinach with a garlic oven roasted field mushroom , oven roasted tomato and a sliced avocado fan. Looks awesome when served, and tastes equally good. Amazing.  Its a sin. Gluttony. Its simply put of the world. The service is amazingly quick. In no time I get the coffee and the brekkie.

Next, I realise my mom likes the brekkie so much that I decide to order something else. I order the Penny Lane - A poached egg smothered in Basil Cream sauce served on top of spinach Cherry tomatoes. marinated feta cheese and a garlic oven roasted field mushroom on toasted sourdough. Pretty good again Id say.

The serving time is amazingly quick. The serving portion is a bit less if you are expecting to have a sumptuous breakfast.

Overall the place had me mesmerized to the extent that I just wanted to keep sitting and perhaps take ideas for the cafe that Ill open at one point of time. Its got this very different look- you wouldn't expect it, but its difficult to describe.

Accepts EFTPOS.

Brekkie- 2 brekkie dishes and a coffee- Approx AUD 35.

3131 Surfers Paradise Boulevarde,
41 Center Arcade,Queensland 4217

Would I visit again? Most definitely yes.

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