Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gold Coast, Queensland

All right, another trip, another destination and state and a chance for exploring culinary delights. This was the second time I was heading off to Gold Coast after 4 years. This time with the family and thanks to the internet and reviews of fellow travelers that assisted me in identifying the eateries and restaurants I have been looking for. Of course I didn't want to be randomly trying places to eat until I stumbled upon the good diner.
This trip is probably marked and distinguished by the accuracy of a sniper. Not one miss. Not one bad restaurant covered.

This write up is more like a synopsis into where to eat when at GC. Individual reviews would follow. To start with for breakfast, two places I tried and boy it was amazing.

1. Black Coffee Lyrics
2. Monetmarte by the sea

1. Chiang Mai Thai
2. La Rustica
3. Sher-E-Punjab
4. Govinda's Veg O Rama

All in all very satisfied I am. The breakfast places were just amazing. I usually crave for the awesome breakfast and after Melbourne, Gold Coast has a few good places worth mentioning. Of course in this regards Sydney is not up to the mark.

The most impressive place for dining was Chiang Mai Thai. So awesome it was that I had a regret why I am not staying in Gold Coast and that I have to come here again the next time I am in GC. Superb. The ambiance and decor was out if the world. The food and value for money was unbelievable.

A few places I tried to try but didn't would be
1. Flaming Grill- Indian Sri Lankan. The places has a notice and shut down.
2. Shiraz Authentic Persian Food Center- Didn't capture my interest and seemed a bit pricey for what they were offering. 3 skewers and rice for 30 AUD in a cheap eat take away and poor service. I just walked away when I stood there for 5-8 minutes and no one bothered asking me what Id want.
3. Bumbles- had good reviews but quite a walk from my hotel.
4. Koo Koo Teppenyaki - had quite a crowd and we were just outside on the street watching the chef cook in front of us. However, yet to try Japanese and the fact beef and pork were cooked on the same cook top with Chicken made us not go ahead.

All in all, the whole culture of GC is so different.  and different from Sydney and Melbourne. The place where I stayed was Surfers Paradise. Very touristy and I have read that locals don't prefer that area. But I was a tourist and loved the buzz, central location etc.  the other parts of GC are usually a bit too quite for my taste. But coming to culture, swimming surfing sands, bikini clad hot women on the roller skates or board, cafes to see the sea, read a news paper etc. Palm trees, white sands, blue ocean and tall sky scrapers. Don't know if its true but it just made me think that GC is  Mix of what Florida and Dubai would be.

People are nice and helpful. Good place to relax for a few days.

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