Sunday, April 14, 2013

Montmart By The Sea Cafe

All right. So again, another breakfast review.

Now breakfasts is one of those meals, which lays the foundation for the entire day ahead. Unfortunately due to the fast paced life in the 21st century, it is also most ignored by us, specially during the weekdays. Weekdays- quickly getting ready for the office, a quick toast, or banana bread etc. But the real craving for breakfast still remains and magnifies. For me, if it were an ideal world, I'd like to have some more time to enjoy my breakfast. A sumptuous and lavish breakfast. Irrespective on weekdays or weekend.  

Its like those quotations that we used to have in School by Rabindranath Tagore- Where the mind is without fear and head is held high..Into that heaven of freedom, let my country awake. A foodie like me would probably say, where there satisfaction of hunger is held high, where the breakfast is sumptuous, hot and tasty, where the view is that of an unparalleled never ending ocean- into that heaven of freedom, let my country awake.

Usually, breakfasts have now become a luxury only for weekends or on holidays. Despite being in Sydney for so many years, there have been very few instances. Most notably, Melbourne in my previoous post had reawakened my senses. This Time it was Gold Coast. As I walked down the Surfers Paradise Bouolevarde on my 3rd day here, I didnt want to go to Black Coffee Lyrics, as I had already tried it out. Searching on the  internet showed, me just a few options. One of them was Bumbles- on Rivers Drive, which had a good rating. however, when I saw it on my maps, it was a 1.5 km from the Hotel Vibe. So we walked again into the Surfers Paradise Beach. On the main road, which goes past the beach, is Montmart By the Sea, Licensed Cafe. Quite a busy Cafe. I had passed this a day before as well, but I probably thought, this not one of those special must visit cafes. I probably thought that this would be another run of the mill regular cafe. But only for me to be surprised the next day.

As we settled in and found a table on the outside, with a view of the road and the endless ocean beyond, we waited for some time, before I realized, there was no one coming to my table. Orders had to be given at the counter.We ordered for Beach brekky- eggs, bacon, has brown, tomato toast, 100% orange juice and coffee. I ordered it without the bacon of course. The other thing I ordered was Vegetarian omelette- cheese onion tomato mushroom, spinach and capsicum. A ice coffee and a chocolate shake.

Lets start with the drinks
- The hot coffee was good. Pretty normal, but descent. The chocolate shake was heavenly. Milk, chocolate and ice cream blended together. Amazing. The ice coffee, as expected, was was less sweet, a bitter, topped with ice cream and cream. The orange juice to my surprise was freshly squeezed juice.  

The food was really tasty. The omelette to be true, hit the spot. It was quite substantial, perfectly cooked. it was as if it had been baked. Cheesy, with mushrooms, served with toasts and  butter. Id say this was heavenly. 

The beach brekkie with the fried eggs, sunny side up, with hash brown, grilled tomato was good- basic and nice. 

Its was simply perfect- the sunny day, vast expanses of never ending blue ocean, a gentle breeze, open air seating and no constraints of time. Just easy time, reading a news paper, chatting with my mom, seeing my brother devour  the chocolate shake. Perfect. In fact , I came in the next day again. The apple Juice.. again fresh and perfect. 


Accepts EFTPOS.
Doesn't open in the evening or night.
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