Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Curry At The Rocks

A close friends farewell makes us visit this place for the first time. The first time being when our team dinner was hosted. Although we learnt our lessons in the first time itself, thought I might see what this place has to offer and if anything has changed. If you are Kent street or the city and are looking for an Indian restaurant to sit in and eat, there are very limited options. Zaffraan is fine dining and off at the harbor which is a fair bit of walk. Indian Quay at Circular Quay is also far off. At the Kent St side there are a number of food courts. But for dine ins there is Curry at the Rocks and Maharaja of Jaipur sweets. Curry at the rocks is a small Bangladeshi run eat out. Location on the Rocks and Kent st is an expensive location. Small eat out and with simple decor. Red walls and a small array if bottles displayed.

For lunch they have a mix of 3 veg curries and rice and rotis for AUD 20. For a non veg thali its AUD 25.

I ordered the veg thali with Dal (lentils), Alu matar and palak paneer. Alternatively I have had the Tandoori Chicken, butter chicken and the lamb varieties.

The food to be honest very average and mediocre. Nothing to boast or even mention about. The veg curries left you wondering if there was any taste in it. The tandoori chicken had an extra colour and spice on the top but bland inside. The butter chicken is about ok.  The lamb was a bit chewy and with a distinct lamb smell which typically aussies love bt we as Indians avoid.

Food quality is ok. Too much colour and kills the freshness of the ingredients.

Service is about average to poor. The food serving time is quite a lot. Having a small kitchen, greater the variety mire is the wait time.

Cost wise its very Per Head could be approx AUD 25-30.

All in all - very average.
Would I go there by my choice - No
When would I go there- for team outing etc.

Final verdict: Other than the name which sounds interesting and grand it leaves a lot to be desired. Instead of a take away or a cheap food court, you get a place to sit in. Thats all there is.

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