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Doo-Ri, Sydney

All right, this is one is about Doo-Ri, the Korean restaurant just below my house. I live in Strathfield and this suburb is the place for Korean food. Close to 15 eat outs for Korean alone. One of my close friend was departing for Perth and after a maddening day at work before a release, we got to celebrate for sure. after a glass of Moscato at home we realize that its 9:30. Heading out to any suburb is a waste of time. Not too interested into Indian. Korean isn't too much of an option considering we had Korean on Wednesday itself. We head of to one of the better restaurants around the corner. Our intent is on trying out the Korean barbecue  The other day on Wednesday when we had Korean it was more like cooked Korean food. Today we wanted to sit down, grill food and have a relaxing meal. Last day and it was pretty cold outside as well. Well the so called good restaurant politely refused saying that it was closed. Next we head over to another one on the same line but they don't have barbecue. Not to keen for regular Korean food, we start thinking what if Thai, but as I am crossing the car park, I suddenly take a turn and head for Doo-ri.

Doo-ri is more like regular hang out as I can see it is always full of people and open up until late. It is right below my apartment and I have been here once before.

There is a middle aged lady who runs this place and graciously accepts us even though its 10 pm. We order for the set course menu. This one is for AUD 25 per person. It has a mix of meats for barbecue, accompanied with a sea food soup. Being Indians we request and replace all the meats with only chicken and the soup with chicken as well. Also order two portions of rice and Soju.

The Soju is an interesting one . Called as the Korean wine, it comes in a green bottle with 19% alcohol and served with shot glasses, this is mean and nasty. One bottle equates to about 5.8 standard drinks.

Very quickly in a couple of min we have a number of small bowls served to us. There is potato salad consisting of cold mashed potato, another bowl of Kimchi salad, the traditional Korean salad with cabbage and lettuce. Next there is a bowl of green veggies which is basically stir fried spinach served cold. Fish cakes and mushroom with oyesters are also served separately.

Next comes a big tray with coral lettuce leaves. Then a plate filled with chicken is served. The chicken is marinated and raw. Comes in two flavors, spicy chicken and the moderate chicken. Soon the Korean lady come and removes a steel top from the table and lights the burner below it. Surrounding the burner they put water all around and then cover the burner with another perforated steel plate. We put the chicken over this plate and start to cook. We are given a pair of tongs and scissors. Initially we put the whole big chunks of chicken breasts and kept cooking it. Very soon another pretty Korean girl comes over and uses the scissors to cut it for us. After 15-20 minutes when the chicken pieces are suitably cooked and charred to be honest we pick up pieces onto our small plates.

The middle age lady at this point comes over and explains how it goes. Take a big lettuce leave. Put the spicy salad on top of the leave. Then takes the chicken. Dip in the first sauce. Put it on top of the salad. Then using your chopstick or the spoon take a little bit of the peanut kind of sauce and put it over it. Next put the other sauce to make t spicy and then wrap the lettuce and eat the roll. In fact she went onto to try and feed my friend in a very motherly way. We did a few rolls with both the chicken.. Alternate with the soju and the soup. Let me tell you that on a cold night like this one, this meal warmed you up not just physically but also warmed the soul.
The soup was very simple and yet tasty. With chicken cabbage lettuce and tofu, it was simple and nice. Next among the chicken my preference was for the spicy chicken.

The serving size of this fixed menu was enormous. Imagine two boys- one bachelor and the other temporarily bachelor with drinks and a cold night had enough food that they couldn't finish.  Eventually we ran out of the lettuce and continued to have the chicken with the rice. The rice was sticky and brown, but perhaps it goes well with chopsticks. They also served about six fried dumplings which I loved. These are veg dumpling slightly fried but really yum.

All in all Id definitely go here again if I have a chance.

Eventually it turns to be 11 in the night and the waitresses, kitchen staff sat at a nearby table and ate their meals. Some rice, some noodle soup etc.

The food was excellent, serving size was big, value for money was good. The atmosphere is casual. Usually open till late and not too expensive this joint is popular with lots of Korean young folks. What I really like is the middle age lady and her hospitality. Every time I have come here, she pays a lot of attention. She is helpful, assists you in making decisions and is very sweet.

The other disk I have tried here previously was the chicken schnitzel with spring rolls and also the spicy chicken with cheese. I didn't like both of them. the spicy chicken with cheese was too cheesy and a combination I didn't like. The chicken Schnitzel was
Let me tell you my first experience in this restaurant  was not wow when it came to food. 

Yet I came over again only to try and this time I was not disappointed. If I were to comes here again, Id go for the soup and the barbecue.

Address : Shop 136-137 20-34 Albert Road, Strathfield 
Tel : 9746 7111

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