Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tahruah Eastern Thai, Coffs Harbour

Day 1 at Coff's Harbour. After a long tiring day driving and then some pathtic Indian food at one of the restaurants, I head back home to crash on the bed and snore like a dinosaur for the next 4 hours and finally wake up at 8. Only to head back into town again for dinner. i admit after the Indian lunch at 4 and then sleeping, I am not too keen on eating out to be honest. I can feel the curry is still on my food pipe, but its the fear of not finding any food later in the night that propels us. While we head back to the same Harbour Drive and I decide to take a walk. We are walking down the strip and wanted to go to a Thai restaurant called the Crying Tiger. As we walk in, we are told that its full and no availability for today. Next we head down on the same lane to Tahruah Thai. Tahruah Thai is a Eastern Thai Cuisine restaurant. While my friends settle down, Me and another friend head for a walk to locate an ATM, chemist shop and Grocery store.

We come back and then settle down. the restaurant is full of people, buzz with all the evening conversation and great food. Its quite cosy inside, with couches and cushions next to the wall. A bit of rustic look with the walls slightly crumbled, but purposefully to give that look. The ceiling has wooden planks, just like those old houses.As we settle in, we look at the menu. There are four of us for dinner, We order the chicken satay and money bags for starters. One of my friend who doesn't eat chicken orders the Pad See Yew with Prawns. For the rest of us we go for the panang curry in chicken, and a stir fry Pad Pik in Prawns.
The food comes in eventually. The chicken satay are 4 chicken strips served on sticks, smothered with chefs recipe peanut sauce. on top of this, there are sprinkled nuts on top. Well, to be honest, what i do remember about this is that the chicken was incredibly juicy and tasty. Coming to Satay's there are different version I have had. The balinese ones at Cairns were superb. Then there is the one at Chat Thai and Mamak in Sydney. But this one was unquely different. I would probably say that it was ncice, not out of the worl, but nice. Next were the money bags, which were parcels of minced chicken and prawns, wrapped in bean curd skin, and then the parcels were deep fried. Served with sweet chilli sauce, this was also descent.

The main course came up soon. The red curry again was quite nice and different. A bit too liquidy or rather low viscous, with loads of vegetable.The curry was filled with carrots, beans, eggplant and chicken. served with Jasmine rice, but delicious. The chicken again were boiled and I would have preferred either smaller  pieces, or slightly fried rather than boiled chicken. But its interesting though to have different kind of red curry's as well. the thai lime leafs and the basil were quite interesting. 

Next was the Pad Pik. Now when we ordered this, i was basically under the impression that it would be a stir fry. The description read 'A stir fry in red chillipaste, shredded lime leaves and Thai Basil,Hot or Very hot'. I ordered this with the prawns. Now when the dish was arrived, I was actually quite surprised, as it was moer of a curry, thick curry. It was red and had a little bit of oil floating on top of it. It resembled to me a bit more like the Indian curries which mum makes at home. Definitely not a stir fry. Well taste wise, it was about ok. Not too spicy, and the prawns very fresh.the curry again had a lot of veggies like carrots, beans, cucumber etc. To me this dish was about ok, I would say bad but neither would I say it was too good. Probably the oil floating on the top and on the sides made me burp a bit and create that burning sensation. By the end of it, I ended up finishing all the prawns.

The Pad See Yew were descent. Quite a large portion served with flat noodles, with eggs, vegetables. Served on a plate with noodles made out of carrot and topped with black pepper. The dish was quite descent and tasty, with loads of prawns in it. It looked quite filling and I was sure If I had this, I would have blasted. I tasted it from my friend and it was pretty good with the soy and oyster sauce. 

Overall the food quality was good and the serving size were quite big and generous. On an average, each of the dishes on the menu - salads, stir fry's rice, noodles, were all in the range of $16 to $20. 

The total bill again for four of us was approx AUD 80. If I am in Coffs Harbour, I would come over if I am craving for Thai.What I'd remember for this place is the great ambience, the cosy setting and the great conversation people were having.

Tahruah Thai
390 Harbour Drive
Coffs Harbour, NSW
Phone 02-66515992

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