Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wengers, Delhi

Well what do I say about this classic. All through out as I have grown up in Delhi, it has been about CP and Wengers. Whenever CP its Wengers and Keventers.

Even now when I visit India and am back to Delhi and GUrgaon, it is on my checklist of to do before I leave.

Wengers is a confectionary that has been operating for more than 30 years. If you remember when we were kids and growing up there was a distinct business model arond confectionary shops. Shops that would sell bakery products, cakes, sandwiches, biscuits and savouries. As we neared the end of 90s gradually the model evolved and very few still contnued while most confectionaries closed in the light of other emerging trends such as coffee joints, baristas and fast foods. Confectionaries changed to Bakeries but the old format of confectionary which was rampantly popular and easy to find at every nook and corner, now reduced in numbers.

Well, Wengers is one of those shops which have still retained the same format and has the old world charm. It still has the same feel. Simple shop, good food and value. The reason it has been able to do so and retain is because they were popular and vision to retain to their core business.

Situated at A block of Inner Circle at Connaught Place, this joint has simple layout. As you enter, there are two rows. On the left column is the savouries, sandwhiches and breads while on the right is the section of cakes, biscuits, toffees.

If I were ever in Wengers this is what I would have or recommend you to try. Patties chicken or mutton- simply delicious. Flaky pastry with a filling of indian spiced meat.

Shammi Kebabs- minced patties of goat meat and lentils, spiced and then crumb fried.

Quiche- the chicken sausage quiche is heavely.
Baguette is also nice and recommended.

On the sweet section I would go for their chocolate eclairs and the butter toffees and then do a take away of the dark chocolate cake. Its simply delicious.

If you have seen Kumar and Harrold go to white castle, and you know what craving is and how it feels when the craving is satisfied, Id say this is my white castle. No trip to CP for is me complete till I eat here.

To top up all the food, get out of the store, walk left to the corner and you will find Keventer. A simple shop that sells milkshakes. In flavours of chocolate, mango and strwaberry, the shakes are served in glass bottles with option of ice cream in it. This is still the same again  since the old days.

Wengers and Keventers must have.

Highly recommended.


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