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Thousand Spices, ... Simply Indian, Homebush

All right. This one is about another Indian restaurant in Homebush. A Thousand Spices. This is another Indian restaurant right opposite to the Homebush Station, next to the Taj Indian Masala.

Now there is a bit of history to this restaurant. Erstwhile, many years back in 2009, this used to be based out in St Leonards/ Crows Nest. I remember having gone there in 2008 with Gaurav, my best friend. Subsequently when I came back in 2009, to Crows Nest, the shop had closed down and there was Bundu Khan in the same Shop. Anyways. many years later, I saw this restaurant in Homebush..

I have visited this restaurant a few times. Recently, we came over to celebrate my best friends birthday. To begin with, whenever I cross this restaurant, I usually see it busy and full to the capacity. On a number of instances we have found a waiting outside the restaurant.

On this instance, we ordered the Alu Chaat, Papri Chaat and the Paneer Tikka for Starters. Yes, I was vegetarian that day and that's probably why I ordered all vegetarian stuff. I have tried out the chicken Tikkas previously here.

For main course we ordered the daal makhani, paneer mahani, and chana masala and roti's.

As we enter, let me tell you this restaurants is not too spacious. When we entered, the whole restaurant was full and we had to request the aircon to be turned on. I guess we felt a bit claustrophobic. After ordering pretty quickly we were served with the starters. The Paneer Tikka very ordinary and excessive colored. Served on a sizzler plate. Taste wise.. Preeyy ok but nothing to rave about. Next came the Alu chaat. Now when I think of alu chaat and being from Delhi, all i can remember is a big tawa with golden fried potato cudes topped with the spicy and tangy green chutney and lemon. On this occasion it was nothing like that. Very average and mediocre if I were to compare to my expectations from India. Even if I were not to compare to India, still about ok. Fried potato slices topped with imli chutney. Next came the papri chaat which was good. I liked it. Crispy paadi topped with curd and imli chutney and other toppings. Pretty good ID say.

Coming to the main course, we were served the daal makhani. I liked it. Pretty much the way it should be. Pretty good. The paneer makahni was also pretty good. The quality of paneer was good, very soft and creamy. Mixed well with the gravy. The gravy wasn't too sweet as well. I liked it. The chana masala reminded me off my days at Alwar and how veerji in the nearby dhabha made chana masala. Coming back to this one, again pretty descent. I mean not something that would make go gaga about it, yet not bad as well. Average and descent. No complaints. Not too excessively spicy which kind of suits me. The breads were about ok again. 

 Once we were done with the dinner we got the cake from the fridge and got it cut and had a great sweet dish. Chocolate mudcake which had been dusted with Cadbury chocolate and strawberry's, designed to perfection by my friends wife. Well one thing that was amazing about that night in this restaurant was the song selection. Beautiful and amazing. My friends thoroughly enjoyed. 

On another occasion I recall I had come here with another friend and the goat curry and chicken tikkas were on the order. The chicken tikka's were pretty good and lightly spiced. The goat curry wasn't too much to my liking here as the curry was very oily spiced and the most important part, the goat was not tender. This is something that sticks out in my mind as I am quiet particular about the quality of goat. 

Overall service was good. All in all, another of those recent regular and average Indian restaurants. The kind of place which ID go to if it were in my neighborhood, and I'm too lazy to go out for anything else. My rating would be about a little above average. In the same line between this one and Taj Indian Masala, if I were to make a choice, Id probably go for may be the Taj Indian Masala and that has come about recently when I have been there and its more spacious and the food is equally descent as well. I mean for vegetarian I wouldnt like to go to Thousand spices for sure.
Accepts EFTPOS
Average Meal for 2 AUD-30- AUD 60.
Thousand Spices
23, The Crescent
Homebush – 2140
Ph – 02 9746 1144, 02 97466 300
Mobile No – 0401266140
Trading Hour:
Monday: 5pm – 10pm
Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm – 10pm

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