Sunday, July 14, 2013

Urban Espresso Lounge

All right, probably my last of reviews for Coffs Harbor. Last day of the long weekend, we wake up and vacate our accommodation and are planning to drive back to Sydney. Before the long journey, we stop for one last time at the same strip near the jetty with all the restaurants. As we walk, there are a few places serving breakfast. We stop at the Urban Espresso lounge. Boy at 8:30 surely is very crowded. I mean seeing this place at the morning, I probably realized and painted a picture of people who like to wake up, go to the nearby cafe for a coffee followed by a hearty and sumptuous breakfast on a Sunday morning. With friends and family or alone with a newspaper.

Being a Monday, I wanted to be vegetarian, but then not that I had too much of choice. Actually to be honest, I did have a choice considering I could always go for fruits, but to be honest, I got tempted. Looked at the menu and saw many variations... Mostly with bacon. The egg related ones were there. The husband and wife settled for a simple poached egg and toast. Now coming to me, I knew that in view of the great sacrifice I had made, I had to do do justice. So I opted for the menu which had 2 poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, butter fried mushrooms and avocado. This was called as the Urban Vego Brekkie. Now for me the breakfast was almost there but not complete. I had to make two modifications. Add Hash browns and instead of water poached eggs, I requested for sunny side up fried eggs. My other friend the fourth one opted for the same combination. For coffee I settled for the regular skim latte, a cappuccino for me friend and two ice chocolates for the married couple. It was a relaxed atmosphere. Long weekend and being a holiday destination, I think most people were visiting. Families, couples or solo's like me. 

Everyone just relaxing and waiting for their brekkie's and enjoying a conversation. Some were living nearby and working their way through on the laptops with their coffee. A few lone rangers with their newspaper. The coffee was served quickly and was quite the strong blend. Just perfect to jolt you out and give you the kick. The brekkie was served next. The one that I had ordered just took my breath away. 

Two pieces of turkish bread with feta cheese, baby spinach, button mushrooms butter fried, grilled tomatoes with eggs. An avocado, peeled and sliced served along side. The breakfast was just perfect. Specially the use of button mushrooms instead of the big gigantic black mushrooms. My preference is always for the white button mushrooms. The brekkie was just perfect for a monday morning. The hash browns added to the taste. After being served, I almost forgot I had friends there and I dedicated my efforts and silence to the beautiful breakfast. All in all a heavy sumptuous breakfast that set us up for the next 500 kms drive. Well highly recommended.

Urban Espresso Lounge
Jetty Strip at 384a Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour.
Phone: (02) 6651 1989  (table bookings by phone only please)

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