Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chatswood Thursday Street Markets,

All right. While in Sydney, one of the beautiful things here are street markets. On designated days of the week at various locations there are temporary street markets set up. It is beautiful as there are varieties of shops and all very casual. While there are many markets at various locations, the ones I can recall are at Chatswood, Milsons Point and Glebe.

Today I would talk about the street markets arranged weekly on Thursdays outside the Chatswood mall. I have been visiting these markets for the last 5 years now. This temporary shops are set up around 4 or 5 pm. I love this markets among  various others. Basically for the food. Great variety.  I come here all the way from Strathfield just to have the great food.

To begin with, the market is situated on the road which comes out of the Chatswood station and goes towards the Westfeild mall.

There is a stall set up for the garlic prawns and chorizo. A Spanish shop which is simple and yet very popular. It sells garlic prawns and sausages. Now I haven't tried the sausages but can vouch for the garlic prawns. This is simply awesome and amazing. I can come here again and again. They simply grill the prawns with this special salsa sauce which is homemade and serve it with the bread and a lemon wedge. Costs about $11 for a full plate of garlic prawns and very good value for money. Right opposite to the Westpac ATM.

The next one is a Turkish shop which serves freshly made Gozleme. The shops run by middle eastern house wives, makes gozlemes with various fillings. The one I usually have is the spinach and cheese mushroom gozleme. Its beautiful and delicious. On a cold night a piping hot gozleme just warms the soul. Pretty cheap in terms of cost. All gozlemes are $7-$10. There are many variants which cheese only, cheese and mushroom, minced meat etc. Well that's it. Highly recommended is the cheese spinach and mushroom gozleme.

Next in the line is shop called the German Hut Dogs. As the name suggests it serves hot dogs. Now as I have previously mentioned in my previous post, the love for hot dogs and the fact its primarily beef or pork restricts my options. Of the very few places which serves chicken hot dog, this is the place.  a hot dog on white or whole meal bread with a chicken frank and topped with saukerkrat is simply awesome. I ask them to put in some hot mustard. They have again a number of variants with chilli beef, New York style if you would prefer the meat sausages. Well the chicken hot dog with hot mustard is just too good and a zinger. When you take in that hot mustard on a cold night, it just flares up and rings your bell as a wave of heat goes from your tongue to your head, ears, nose, and eyes. Its a temporary madness. Amazing. Costs about $9. Top it with a glass of lemonade and its perfect.
So far its been the ones I have tried and I love and recommend.

There are a few others 
- Taiwanese pan cakes: that's a nice one. Small pan cakes with a bit of a cream filling
- another Asian shop which makes crab balls. Its basically deep fried balls of some meat. Tried a few but didn't like too much although its quite popular with Asians.

- Seafood Paella: next on my list to try.

All in all a great street market with great variety and good cheap food. For me, its a ritual to come once a month from Strathfield just to have the prawns, hot dogs and gozleme. Highly recommended.

The markets is on Thursdays and Sundays. Although I havent seen it on Sundays and I am not too sure. So Id probably think Thursday is always a safer and better bet to visit.

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