Monday, August 5, 2013

Kammadhenu, Newtown

All right. This one is about Kamadhenu. Its a Sri Lankan joint. For people from the subcontinent, you'd probably know that Sri Lankan style of cooking while distinct is quite similar to the Indian style of cuisine and even more to the south Indian style of cooking.

Just like Janini, this one is one of my favorites. I have been here a number of time and tried a few things. The dosa's are simply awesome. Crisp and well spiced. They have variants such as the chicken dosa etc but I prefer the good old masala dosa. Very affordable and good value for money.

Next comes the Chicken Kotthuparantha. Kotthuparantha is a variant that i had tried and discovered in Chennai. It is basically Parantha, along with chicken, eggs, coriander chillies shredded together and served as a mixture. Back in Sydney, I was pleased to see this variant in this shop. Pretty good and once again recommended. Over here they call it as Kothu Roti

Next comes the Biryani. As in my previous post on Biryani's, there are various styles of biryani with various spices. Lets go with the Sri Lankan form of biryani or may the Kamadhenu style of Biryani. It comes topped with fragrant and brittle rice, long grains and multicolored- white and orange. topped with cashews pieces, fried onions and a few raisins. There is a full boiled egg visible as well. I had ordered the goat biryani. A few spoons and then you realize, its probably mildly flavored rice. you begin to wonder that this is different- mild flavor, a bit sweet etc, but then suddenly you hit the goat meat and curry within the rice.Yes, there is a strong south Indian flavored goat meat with thick gravy.  Its simply awesome. When you mix the white rice, with the strong flavored goat and the boiled eggs, it was perfect. I love the biryani here and I would recommend it highly. A surely a must try.

The Masala tea is pretty good, although I wish, they also had the filter coffee in the south Indian style. 

At another instance, I have tried a few other things. The crab curry is a disappointment. I have been searching for crab curry for quite some time. The crab curry at Janani is perfect and Awesome, but the one at Kamadhenu wasnt good at all. Too watery and I think they don't use the mud crabs but rather the blue schwimmer crab.

The starters such as the Fish Fry are good but very less in quantity.

Overall, this is one of my favorite spots. Id love to come here again and again. I have memories with a special friend who introduced me to this place and we have had a number of memorable evenings here. With family and other friends, this is the place. Not too expensive, and very popular. Id highly recommend this place.

171, King Street, Newtown

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