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Mamak. Where do I begin with this one. A sigh and reminder of all the memories of the great food. This is one of the best joints in Sydney City region. Malaysian Food. 

Situated on Goulburn Street, this is a joint, where I have visited innumerable times in the last 4 years. In fact one of my most favorite joints. Usually they have timings for lunch and dinner. If you land a the wrong time, you may find the restaurant closed. It is one of those rare places, where you would find a long queue of people waiting outside on the street, waiting to be seated. if you happen to witness a long line, don't be put off or depart. The line may look long, but inside the restaurant, there is a service so fast, it is difficult to describe. You may have to wait 10-15 minutes in the queue to be seated, but once in, food is swerved almost instantly. Interiors, nothing too special or luxurious. Just basic, loads and loads of tables and wooden stools for seating. In fact you'd be amazed at the number of people seated close to each other in the various table. Multiply it with the chitter and there is an electrifying buzz that charges up the atmosphere.

Now for those acquainted with Malaysian cuisine, you'd probably know what a roti is. However, for the Indian counterparts, specially from northern India, the Malaysian roti probably equates to the Indian version of the parantha. The North Indian roti or the Phulka is totally different. The Malaysian Roti is like a parantha. In fact for those who know, it is like Mughlai Parantha. Normally, Bengalis might be aware of what a mughlai parantha is, as it is usually made on special occasions and Durga Puja. What is unique about this restaurant Mamak, is that while you wait on the line outside the shop, you can see the chefs, flatten a dough and make a thin and stretched layer of roti and its amazing when they toss it in the air and it flows down like a silky scarf.

Mamak makes a number of  variants of Roti's- the buttery roti, egg roti, egg and onion. They also have the murtabak which is a roti, filled with minced chicken or lamb, cabbage, eggs and onion. The rotis are served on a steel plate with two curry dips and the sambal sauce. The roti's are just amazing and a must have. My favorites are the egg roti, the egg and onion and the murtabak. There is also the roti which is paper crisp and conical which is served with the ice cream.

In starters, I usually go for the chicken satays- half a dozen. Grilled chicken with the peanut sauce, the onion and cucumber. It is a must that I have. 

Next comes the chicken curry. No matter how much i praise it, it is less. the chicken curry - the malaysian version is actually and unbelievably so similar to the Indian chicken curry that is made in our homes. Chicken curry with boiled potatoes and coriander.  Usually this goes well with both the rotis as well as the rice.  This is a must must must have.It is called as the Kari Ayam

The lamb curry is another variant and I am telling you this is heavenly as well. Although it looks like similar to the Indian curry's, it is moderate in taste and not spicy to be honest. I just love it. So much to the extent that I usually don't ever have lamb outside because it is too chewy and it is too smelly. But not here. It is simply so exquisite. The lamb is  so soft and perfect. Highly recommended. This one is the Kari kambing.

Another dish is the bite sized Malaysian style Fried chicken with spices. Now this one is a surprise. When it is served, you will probably be knocked off to the floor after seeing the size of the chicken pieces. Huge. It resembles a bit like the KFC chicken. Delicious it is, and the word of caution is to know it is as good as a main and hence it is in the mains section.

Another one is the nasi  goreng, which is again good. the malaysian fried rice version.

In the drink section, my favourite is the Ice Milo which I most definitely order.

If you havent figured it out, this is one of the best places of food I have ever had, especially in the city and that too for Malaysian food. The prices are a steal. Very reasonable and the one of the best value for money. Service is amazingly fast and all in all the place where I would go again and again.

Highly recommended.

15 Goulburn Street,
Haymarket, Sydney
T: (02) 9211 1668
No reservations

lunch 11:30 - 2:30 
dinner 5:30 - 10:00 
supper til 2am (fri & sat)

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