Tuesday, October 1, 2013

York Lane

All right thus one us about York Lane, a small little kitchen/cafe/small bar. As you might have guessed it, its situated at York Lane itself. A small laneway and a cute little hideout cafe. Perhaps one of Sydneys attempt to bring out the laneways and cafe culture from Melbourne.

Anyways friday afternoon and a quick catch up with a few work friends. The decor of the place was really good, cozy and artistic and tasteful. Paintings on the wall, a bike hanging from the ceiling, wooden panels for the kitchen and bar.

Quickly skimmed through the menu. Looked for the chicken option and I could see a salad until I was told about the chicken burger. Well reading it probably made me wonder how it might be. I just went for the chicken burger. My friends ordered the lasagne and a variant of veg pasta.

The burger when it arrived looked really nice and a bit exotic. I mean it wasn't the regular looking maccas burger or the stereotyped schnitzel burger. It looked nice and tempting. It was served with regular crinkle cut chips. I wished they had given proper fries but nonetheless. The burger was wow. Very soft chicken with a red slightly chilli but tasty sauce. Also had some mayonaisse. Made the whole burger really tasty, soft and juicy along with the mayo and cheese sauce.
My friends found the lasagne and pasta good as well, although I didnt give it a try.
Average cost per dish was about AUD15-20. Descent place. I liked it. Would I visit again. YES.

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