Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Amour Bistro, New Delhi

All right this one is about Amour Bistro. I was in Chanakya Puri area and was catching up with a childhood friend.  We ended up going to Malcha Marg market and there were quite a few options. Lazeez for Indian, Fujiya for Chinese. As we walked around, by the process of elimination, we decided to go to Amour Bistro for Italian.

Situated on the corner, right next to the Yes bank ATM, this bistro overlooks a quiet road adjoining with lush green trees and a residential area. As we walked in, it was just great ambiance. I was quite impressed. Rustic white walls, wooden slabs on the ceiling, comfortable couches along the wall. Furniture was quite simple and light, cane furniture, wrought iron lamp shades and a visible furnace where the pizzas were being wood fired. To the left, there were large transparent glasses overlooking the lush green trees adjacent to the road. Looked pretty relaxing, where you’d like to come over the weekend or on your leave days, settle down with a book and relax with a few coffees or some snacks.

Well I was definitely charmed with the ambiance and full marks from my side. I didn't really expect such a thing in India, or perhaps in Delhi. I might have expected something like this in Australia, but very impressed and liked it.

Coming to the menu, well, there quite a few interesting ones. I noticed that they also serve pork as well. For me, the options were chicken or veg. We ordered the 3 cheese soufflé. In the main course, there were the options of either going for Pasta’s, burgers, wood fired pizza’s. At this point, I really do admit that the menu looked quite international. I mean, having traveled to various parts of the world myself, I was actually impressed with the menu and the choice of dishes. There was no standard Indianization of international cuisine. Again, may be all these years outside India make me think differently about my own country, but a good impressive menu.
The soufflé was quite yum. Well presented, on a white dish with a transparent glass bell shaped cover. As you take of the cover , there’s fluffy three cheese soufflé . On the side there was a bit of chocolate syrup and topped with nuts. The soufflé was really yum, with a distinct strong flavor of goat cheese.
I was quite tempted to order the lamb burger to be honest.  However, I was then informed that they have wood fired pizza’s, and that probably changed my mind. We ordered two large pizza’s. The Basilica which was the vegetarian Pizza and the second being the Quattro stagioni. The pizza’s were delicious and the most important part for me was that it was wood fired. Referring to my previous post on pizza’s I have previously expressed my love for thin crust pizza’s and especially wood fired(

My favourite wood fired pizza at Sydney is the wood fire kiribilli (

The basilica pizza had sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, goat cheese and basil. The Quattro stagioni was the chicken pizza which had olives garlic and chicken. All in all both the pizzas were quite good and I loved it. Highly recommended.
The ice tea is pretty good, not too sweet and they make it themselves and serve it in a square container.
Being a new place, we did have the pretty owner coming over and saying hello and enquiring on food etc.

All in all, my comments for this place are that I loved it here. Great décor, nice menu. Food is really nice. In terms of cost, an average starter ranges from Rs. 350- Rs.500. The main course – pizza’s were priced Rs 400/-. The ice tea was for Rs 145/-. Given the place and the ambience, I didn’t find it expensive. A meal cost about Rs. 3000/-, which I find reasonable to be honest, although we were sharing. However, not exactly a cheap-eat at the same time.  

Average price for a couple is approx. Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 2500/- for a couple.

My recommendation- Go for it, but only if you like Italian cuisine.

Amour Bistro
10/48 Malcha Marg, New Delhi
Phone: 9654126687, 9212126687


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