Sunday, November 17, 2013

Khan Chacha’s

All right Khan Chacha is probably a very famous one in Delhi. Situated at Khan Market, many are aware of the delicious sizzling morsels of marinated meat that the Khans make. A few years back, it was in news when the landlord of the property evicted them and started using the brand name Khan Chacha.

For me, about 4 years back I did go to Khan Market, and into the little back alley to try out Khan Chacha. Unfortunately, afternoon time and there was some issue and we ended up going to another Kebab joint, diametrically oppsite to the Khan chacha shp, as you proceed in the back alley to the other side if the U shaped road. Since then it has been on the cards, but unfortunately never did go to Khan Market. Luckily it seems fortune favors those who are passionate for food. Khan Chacha opened a branch in DLF Galleria, DLF City-IV, Gurgaon. Can you believe it?

And so, on a cold foggy night in November mid, I ventured out with my mother and brother, in search of some soul stirring food. While I had a hot cup of piping soup in my mind initially, and I didn’t want to end up going to a restaurant to be honest. I drove around DLF, until Galleria and then Khan Chacha. Now this shop is a small eatery. As you enter in, a few tables, with casual dining, or you can just do a take away. A quick look into their menu, and its just perfect. Not too many options so mot too much confusion. Its either Kebabs and tikkas, or Non- Veg Rolls. They do have a few veg options as well as I can recall. In addition, a few single items- Roomali roti’s, mutton korma and chicken Biryani.

The order started with the fish tikka’s. Beautiful. Well cooked fish tikka’s with a spicy coating of masala and spices. Just perfect. I mean that’s the beauty of Delhi. In the cold winter night when you get that piping hot fish tikka’s and whether you put it straight in your mouth or you take it with onion lacha’s and pudina chutney, the heat in your mouth making you speechless, the feeling is unbelievable. That’s the love of Delhi. The same feeling at Khan Chacha. Perfect.

Next comes the chicken tikka’s. Roasted to perfection. Slightly orange colored and slightly burnt. Grilled in front of you on a charcoal flame in the open kitchen. The morel of chicken breasts are perfect. Full marks again. In the market, you probably have every tom dick and harry making tandoori chicken and chicken tikkas. Most are over colored and over spicy. But then ones at Khan Chacha are one of the very few ones which were just perfect.

Coming to Mutton Seekh Kebabs. Awesome again. I mean every subsequent dish was on above the other. When it comes to kebabs out of minced meat. There is one which is made by Kareems, which has no parallel. The ones at Khan Chacha, are the other category. Bright redding orangish minced meat mixture put on skewers and grilled in a charcoal flame.  This spicy and juicy. Loved it. Again ten on ten.

Next comes the Haryali Kebabs which is again chicken. This one has a green coating. Much subtle flavours and not as pronounced or loud as the previous ones. The Haryali Kebabs were mild and I was wondering if it were the right choice, especially after such spicy flavored chicken tikkas and mutton seekh kebab. But once served, and one bite and I knew it definitely was. The Haryali Tikkas while subtle, were extremely juicy with flavors of pudina and coriander.  I loved this one as well.

The last item for the night was the mutton tikka’s. I usually like mutton tikka’s because they are a bit chewy and usually the most spiciest.  Again, it didn’t disappoint me at all. Very spicy and a bit chewy to perfection. Loved it.

All in all, Khan Chacha gets a 10/10 from me. Full marks for perfectly grilled, charcoal flamed tikka’s. Loved every morsel and every bite. Khan Chacha has earned a die hard loyal  fan here.

From a cost perspective, very very economical. Each plate of kebab costs about Rs 150/- . The Fish was about Rs 250/-. The roomali rotis are for Rs 20/-. A meal for three cost us about Rs 1000/-.

Highly Recommended.

Khan Chacha’s

90, Ground Floor, DLF Galleria, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon-122002

+91 9810671103, 0124 4033449

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