Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Delhi/ Gurgaon

All Right, This is another of my old formats on city based food options. I have been thinking of writing for quite some time now. I usually come into Delhi for either 2 weeks or 4 weeks. Now usually when I come over for such a short time frame and with the high on craving for Indian food, there is obviously a foodie itinerary or schedule to follow. The beauty of Delhi is that no matter how much money you have in your poclket or how less, you will get the best meals nonetheless. For as low as 10 bucks, to as high as 5-10k, delhi has it all. And the spirit of Delhi is tht no matter how poor or rich we get, people mingle to eat nonetheless. You will probably find a guy on the cycle and with a  Mercedes Benz out side a pan shop, or a kulfi wala, or having a chuski or at Rajinder having a plate of tikka's.

Look, Delhi does seem to be going more international and there is a greater array of cuisines such as Lebanese, Thai, Malaysian, Grills, and American etc. But for me, when I come to India and look for food in Delhi, it has to be stereotyped, and preferably Indian or things where I have eaten as I grew up and hence the connection. I wouldn’t really be looking for continental fare to be honest as Id probably get it better in Australia itself. Let’s see what all comes in store.

Indian Non Vegetarian/ Mughlai/ Tandoor

Kareem’s: A visit has to be to the mecca. Try out their Seekh Kebabs and Shami Kebabs, and the Qorma with Roti.

Rajinder Da Dhabha: Hardcore foodie place for those who mean business- just pure non veg delight. My recommendations would be for the Tandoori Chicken and the Fish Tikka’s. I recall having their spicy chicken gravy on a number of occasions.

Biryani Blue: My find this year- the best Hyderabadi biryani. Highly recommended-Go for the mutton Biryani, and for starters- the chicken 65, the margisi kofta or the shami kebabs , all worth dying for.

Pandara Road: If it is butter chicken, it has to be Pandara Road. Gulati’s is where I would go.

Khan Chacha’s: A new addition to my list for tikka’s. All their items are awesome- chicken tikka, seekh kebabs

Al Bake: At New Friends Colony- the best shawarma you’d ever eat.

Khaaja Chowk: The Chicken Banno and Mutton Rezala are recommended.

Confectionary & Bakery

Wenger’s: CP: Drool, the chicken patties, shami kebab, the chicken quiche and foot long.

Keventers: for their flavored milk and shakes.

Indian Vegetarian
South Indian- It has to be Naivedyam for me. Located in Hauz Khas and Gurgaon- great south Indian food

Halidrams/ Bikanerwala: for the traditional fare of chat, chole bhature,  pao bhaji and sweets

Road Side vendors for chole kulche and mangori or as they call raam ladoos. Also the Aloo chat, with the spicy green chutney. It’s wicked at the road side vendors.

Khaaja Chowk: Again in the vegetarian dept., especially with the chaat, and daal makhani.

Roshan Kulfi Wala at Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh

Bengali Sweets: Annapurna: Opposite Uphar Cinema- the best and most authentic Bengali sweets. Start off with the Singara, which is basically the Bengali samosa.  Sometimes you might be lucky to get the variant with a filling of peas or cauliflower. Along with the samosa, try out the kachori and the paneer chop. Follow it up with a Taal saansh sandesh and cham cham, followed by the mishit Doi.

Italiano in Gurgaon- one of my favorites. Try out their grilled fish with lemon butter sauce.
Amour Bistro @ Malcha Marg- a new find for me which I’d love to visit again

Pizzas & Burger’s
Fat Lulu’s- highly recommended @DLF Shopping Mall Gurgaon

Niruala’s: Call me old fashioned, but I still go to Nirula’s- their mutton mahaburger, the mutton sausage onion capsicum pizza,  the cold coffee and the nutty buddy ice cream

Wimpy’s for the lamb burger- too awesome

Chinese & Tibetian:

For Momo’s- it has to be Chanakya Puri. Nowhere else. Go for the steamed version as well as the fried version.

For Chinese: My favorite is Dyne Esty. Situated close to the HUDA City Center in Gurgaon, this place has the awesome-est Chinese.  The starters are heaven.

The next place for me Chinese at Bristol and

Chopsticks at Asiad Village, Siri Fort has a lunch buffet – pretty darn well.

Sometimes I might end up at Berco’s – their chicken in creamy garlic sauce is unique, although the service could have been better

Hope the above is helpful for a flying visit into Delhi. Hopefully if you have a few more please do leave your comments. 


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