Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fat Lulu’s: New York Style Gourmet Pizza

All right this one is about a new pizza joint I tried out this year while I was in Gurgaon. Well, in my last few visits, I had walked past the shop in my neighborhood market, DLF Galleria. There was a shop called Fat Lulu’s, New York style Pizza which has been a take away. I didn’t get a chance to try it out in my last few visits and to be honest, Gurgaon, has all these new shops coming up regularly, which claim to be having an international alliance, have relatively higher rates for the international cuisines, suffer in quality and popularity and very soon, they disappear shortly.  Now given this scenario, I did pass this shop and didn’t really pay attention.

This time around one of my close friend and her husband invited me for lunch to Fat Lulu’s. There is another joint apparently in DLF Shopping Mall, on Arjun Marg, which has a dine in Fat Lulu’s joint. The ground floor, has a small take away portion and the staircase up to the first floor for dine in. The décor is pretty basic, with elongated wall papers of New York sky scrapers. The walls are rustic, with red bricks lined up. 

The tables and chairs are pretty rustic and raw wood finish, with no polish.

The first time I came around to this place for lunch, I was bowled over with the great pizza’s these guys make and decided to come back again another time.  Lets go over the menu- The starters have the garlic bread, paprika wedges, onion rings and the spicy chicken wings. Priced between Rs 100/- to Rs 150/- decently priced starters. I have tried the all the starters and would recommend the garlic bread with cheese and the spicy chicken wings. The chicken wings are really spicy and yum.

The menu has an array of pasta’s, salads and pizza’s. As the name suggest the widest array of choice is in the pizza’s.  Coming to the Pizza’s these are hand rolled and thin crust pizza’s. Pizzas are served in size of 12”, 14” and 16”. Ranging from Rs 400/- Rs 800/- depending upon the size of the pizza and if it is a veg or a non veg pizza.

For me , the choice was simple, it had to be a non veg pizza. Now among the non veg pizza’s there is ham, pork, pepperoni and prosciutto served, which becomes out of scope for me. Lets come to the pizza's. The pizza’s are simply yum and delicious. I went in on one occasion with my mom and brother and we ordered two 14” pizza’s. Now we did intend to try out a few variants and inquired if we can do half and half. With two medium pizza’s on half and half, we had the option of trying out four variants. We decided to settle for the

  • East Side: Grilled Chicken, Spanish onions and mozzarella cheese
  • Chilly Willy: Pimento Chillies, Jalapenos, Mushroom, roasted garlic and chillies
  • Upper Manhattan: tomato and sour cream, mozzarella, chicken breat mushroom onion and Cajun spice
  • Southwestern: grilled chicken breast, black beans, caramelized onions and tomatoes.  

Well, each of the pizza’s are simply heavenly and legendary. Beautifully presented on a wooden pizza plate, thin crusted and delicate. Just a bite and you know you have tasted heaven. Coming back to pizza’s I have tried at various locations and have a few writes up in my previous blogs.

This place now definitely is a must in my list of pizza places.  The upper Manhattan is amazing, and delicious. So is the chilly willy, which to be honest was too hot and to my surprise, but nonetheless loved it. The East side and  Southwestern were yum. Look all I can say is that the pizzas here are just too good to be true. Well spiced, and baked in a furnace that I visible in front of you, the hot piping pizza’s are a treasure. I would really recommend this to all of my readers.

The ice tea, is another one which I loved over here. Unlike most places, which served you the regular ice team from Lipton, over here, they make the ice tea and then serve it. When you get your glass, you can feel the warm ice tea, topped with ice cubes. Gradually as you sip in, the ice settles down and makes the whole tea chilled.  Lovely.

Well, I can go on and on, but the truth to it is that I am in love with this joint. If some one asks me for my finds of small eat out treasures in Gurgaon this year, it would be Fat Lulu’s and Biryani Blues.

Highly recommended.  An average meal for two would cost approx. Rs1500/-. For the three of us, having gone for two medium pizza’s, two non-alcoholic beverages,  and two starters, it was approx. Rs 2500/-. Fairly reasonable I would say.

Accepts Credit Cards.

3, Arjun Marg, DLF Shopping Centre, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon

0124-4245497/98/99 Mobile +91 8826460101

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