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Charlie & Co Burgers

All right this one is about burgers. Now again, I go back to India and speak about how any burger patties are made out to be of mince meat. So typically when I crave for a burger, I expect a lamb patty, fresh toasted buns, some mayonnaise, some mustard and a lot of chips. The beauty of it in India is that even for a chicken burger, its is made out of a minced chicken with slight spices. The especial usage of minced chicken in the patty makes it more juicy and tasty.

Now I have been in Sydney for quite a few years and love the fact that there is a burger option that has chicken in it, but usually it’s the entire chicken breast portion. Either crumb fried or just simply grilled. Now, it started with the  basics- Macca’s and Hungry Jacks, followed by Oporto’s and red rooster. Now the beauty of Australia is that even if you step put to any other joint, which is not a part of the big chains, they still love their burgers. Each joint has a different twist to it. Some can be as basic as Asians cooking burgers out of a schnitzel with basics mayo etc, to all the way of gourmet burgers with caramelized onions, aioli, mushrooms, avocado along with meat.

Well this one is about Charlie and Co. Burgers. The context- after a long day of shopping around on Boxing day sale, I head over to the food court- food at five. There is Charlie and Co. Burgers which has its own enclosure and a wide array of burgers. A  long line of people waiting to order burgers. Of course, majority of the items on the menu are beef burgers- wagyu patty, which I think are probably premium quality meats. There is an option of fish burger, a veggie burger and also the Roadside chicken burger.  There is also a summer menu which features a special beef burger and a Charlie’s chilli Chicken.
As I stand in the line, I can peek across the glass wall looking into the chicken where they are methodically getting the meat patty’s onto a flame and grilling it, with juices dripping down. At this instance I am just a bit regretting that I could have had beef. But no regrets, I have a bigger task to decide between the two burgers.

The Summer Special Charlie’s Chilli Chicken burger features a grilled chicken breast, brie, lettuce, tomato, avocado, chilli jam and charlie’s smoked paprika mayo. Well that sounds yum and this is what I decide to try. On the contrary the roadside chicken burger is herb, crumb fried burger. I decide for the chilli chicken burger. I order it with chips. In chips I have the option of simple Sea Salt Fries, or the Parmesan and truffle fries. I decide for the truffle Fries. And to wash it down is a simple coke. The ketchup and mustard sauce have to be paid for as extra.

Now lets come to the food.  The burger served looks awesome. A big fresh bun with sesame topped. A bite, and you can get the lettuce and rocket along with tomato and the chicken. A few more bites and you get the smoked paprika mayo along with the chicken.  The Parmesan and truffle fries are good.

Overall, I find the burger to be descent. I mean with the avocado and the smoked mayo and the fresh  tomato and lettuce is great. Quite filling as well, to be honest. However, it is the grilled chicken which I personally find a bit bland. I wish it was better tasting and more juicy. I mean I know in Australia perhaps people are used to it, but for me, although everything was awesome in the burger in terms of ingredients, but the main component – the chicken was too bland and tasteless. I mean I was tempted to open  the burger and put in salt and pepper as well. But nonetheless, not bad.  I did like it. Perhaps let me put it another way. I might go there again, if I have a chance or if I am in the vicinity, to try out the other burger, so its not bad. But would I go there to finish my carving for a juicy burger? Perhaps no. Would I go there specially. Most probably No.

Overall, the burgers cost about $14-$16. The fries cost $8. The sauces cost extra, $1 each, which I find quite expensive.  There is no concept of a meal, so everything is ordered separately.  The overall meal costs me $30, which to me expensive for a burger, even a gourmet one. I mean I would not mind paying, but not for the burger I ate.

Overall Verdict: Average burger, a bit on the higher side from a price perspective.

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