Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Niro's Jaipur

All right, This one is about Niro's Jaipur. Well, close to 14 years back, I did venture into this restaurant with my father. After getting admission into engineering, my father took me out for a lunch to Niro's. At that point, I probably didn't know that I would fall in love with this place for ever. In the years to come, visits with friends, girl friend and family. I have looked out for an excuse to be here.

Niro's, located at Panch Batti, is the perfect spot for a great meal followed by a movie at Raj Mandir. In the last 14 years, I have been to Niros a number of times. The decor is great. It has that charm of the old bygone British era. Its got the old world charm some how in the ambience, the service, the dresses of the people serving. 

There is usually a rush and there is waiting at times. Looking into the menu, there is quite a variety across Indian, Continental and Chinese. Well, for me Niro' is about Continental. Ever since I have been coming here, the dish for me, that I love and crave for and can have any time is the Chicken Ala Kiev.  Well, to be honest as a kid rowing up in the 80s and 90s, India was going through the metamorphosis and opening up to the outside world. Indian food was of course readily available. What I really wanted and craved for is continental dishes. Usually there were select few restaurants in Delhi and other cities where you could have great continental food. 

At Niro's, I had the Chicken Ala Kiev for the first time. To describe the dish, when it is served, you see a cylindrical crumb fried dish, served with fries and boiled veggies- beans and carrots. Now, as you pick up the fork and knife, it easily glides into the crumb fried only to uncover a chicken minced cylinder shaped dish which is topped with golden crumb fried. The chicken mince is delicious and delicate. Soft and juicy, it is exotic. As you move on to the next bite you can savor the juices of the soft chicken mince. But when you dive the knife for the third time for a cut, you are in for a surprise. Apparently, the crumb fried chicken mince has a hidden interior cavity filled with butter and herbs.  The butter is neatly sealed inside this cavity of chicken mince and as you cut it for the third time, all the molten butter flows out. This dish in my humble opinion is the most heavenly dish I have ever had. Highly Recommended. 

In the years that went by, I have stayed abroad and tried the chicken Ala Kiev at various places in Australia and Netherlands, but trust me, nothing like what I have had at Niro's. Now perhaps the Niro's version might be customized  but to me it is the best. I was sad to discover that the chicken ala kiev served at various places here and even the readyto cook were sadly a disappointment here in Australia. 

Other things that I have tried here is the cream of chicken soup and the fried fish with Tartare sauce, each immaculate and perfect. I guess, the way continental is made in India and served, has its own unique taste. The fish is beautiful and golden crumb fried and served with chips and tartare sauce. Now again, this is something that I have not seen in Australia. Over here, it is ieither grilled or beer battered. But the one served at Nir's is again exotic and tasty, and very Indian Continental I'd say

In the Indian, i have had the Rajputana Laal Maans here at Niro's andthat was also descent. But for me, Niros is only about Continental. Highly recommended from me if you are in Jaipur.

Niros Restaurant, Mirza Ismail Road, 
Jaipur 302-001 Rajasthan (India)
Phone:+91-141-2374493, 2218520

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