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Snag Stand

All right, this one is about hot dogs. Something so tantalizing. I mean if you think about it, its just about a hot dog and a bun. But if you fall in love with it, think about the juicy sausage, just perfectly cooked, and topped on a roll with spicy sauce, mustard, cheese. I mean, as I was growing up in India, there were two things. Firstly all those American movies which feature the quick hot dog shops and takeaways on the streets of New York. 

Secondly the craze for fast food and American food in India which we went through in India as kids, as India transitioned in the 80’s and 90’s from the closed economy to an semi open economy.

The Vegetarian Toulouse(front) - Chicken & Rocket(rear)
In India, the beauty of it is that since its predominantly a nation which loves chicken and goat, you can get version of juicy chicken sausages or mutton sausages. But when you come abroad, the true sausage is all about meat- beef and or pork.  Well, in Sydney, one of my favorite joints to have hot dogs is the Snag Stand. Located in the food court in the Westfield Mall, the hot dogs are really great and popular. Contrary to the American version of just a sausage and some sauce, the Snag Stand really gives you interesting gourmet hot dogs.

These are delicious hand crafted hot dogs, with a gourmet and boutique look.
The Greek Lamb and Rosemary Hot Dog

Well if you ask me, whenever I have a craving for hot dogs, this is the place. There are lot of interesting variants. For the review today, I’ll cover the three that I could possibly try- the chicken hot dog, the lamb one and the vegetarian one.
The Chicken and Rocket hot dog, has a fresh poppy roll. There is a delicious and juicy chicken sausage. It is topped with rocket leaves, pesto, aioli. There is delicious level of fresh grated or shaved parmesan cheese along with fresh tomatoes.  One bite and it is heaven.  For me it the best one.

The next one in the line is the Greek hot dog. The greek hot dog has the grilled lamb sausage. It is served on a toasted poppy seed roll. In terms of toppings, fresh tomato and onions. What makes it interesting is that there is crumbled feta cheese and mayonnaise. The sausage is  bit tougher than the chicken one, which is extremely juicy. The lamb sausage has a smoky flavor, a bit chewy and yet with the typical lamb flavor. Pretty darn good again.

The last option is the vegetarian one. Well, this one is interesting one. On one of the Tuesdays, when I am a vegetarian by choice and I was out on Christmas eve, I was starving and looking out for a veg option. Pleasantly surprised to find a veg option, in fact there were four. The Veg Nacho Libre, Toulouse Vegetarian, the spicy veggie chorizo, and the beetroot horseradish. Well, the Veg Nacho Libre had run out and I presume that’s probably the more popular one.

The Veg Toulouse was not that bad. I mean, it had a veggie potato and sage sausage. There was rosemary and mushrooms, and aioli. The garlic favored mayonnaise went pretty well. To be honest, if I didn’t have to a vegetarian, I would probably not have it again, as sausages have to have some meat in it. The veg hot dog did taste descent, but its not what I crave for to be honest.

Also, when you order a meal, go for the chips which are claimed to be from 100% tassy potatoes.

All in all, a great place.  Most hot dogs cost about $10. With the fries and drink, it may go up to about $14.

Highly recommended.

Westfield Sydney
Level 5, 188 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone: (02) 9221 9600

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