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Bangkok Snap Revisited.

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Bangkok Snap

All right, this one is about Bangkok Snap, right near my house. Not this first time visit. It was a cold Sydney night and we decided to eat out. Something warm and something hot and spicy. As we walked on Strathfield Boulevard, there were three options shortlisted- Maenam Lao,  Beauty and the beast and Bangkok Snap. We decided for Bangkok Snap.
It was quite cold and surprisingly quiet and empty. We looked up  the menu and ordered the Tom yum Soup and The Clear chicken soup with vegetables. For starters, we ordered the prawn and crab spring roll. As we chit chatted, the soups came over. 

The Tom Yam- quite sour, tangy and a but hot with loads of mushrooms, chicken. I must admit, I have had this soup before and find the taste quite different, but nonetheless, nice. We started off and  with the soup and then the other soup came in. The clear chicken soup along with onion,
carrots, potato. This was quite good as well. Basic, but delicious and just what you need when you have a cold and want something to warm you up. The prawn and crab spring rolls looked quite different. Usually spring rolls have a crispy exterior , which is basically deep fried dough. In this case, it was a mesh sort of, which was deep freid. Quite crunchy and delicious. Alas, one serve had only four pieces and I wish there were more.

Once done with the soups and starters, we ordered for the salt and pepper soft shell crab.  We were too sure what this would turn out to be. Have had it before, except for once in Singapore Airport and I didn’t like it then. But once it came over, it was beautiful, tasty and light. Cruchy and yet fresh, served with sweet chilli, I liked this dish, although I think it was more like a starter or an appetizer. Would have it again if I come here.

Next came the chicken dish, we ordered for a stir fried chicken with cashew nut and chilli Jam. This dish was quite good again. Served with baby corns, mushrooms, cashews and chicken, broccoli, carrots. Not hot at all, and quite a subtle taste. It was good.
The minced chicken freid rice, which is specialty was hot and tasty. Serve in a bowl of lettuce, this dish had the spunk.

All in all, a good meal and all this for just $60, not expensive in my opinion.  

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