Sunday, May 11, 2014

Little Nepal

All right, this one is about Little Nepal. Situated in Burwood, and I have been going to this restaurant / cafe for the last 3-4 years. Many years back, I was fascinated with this restaurant which was in the neighborhood, made goat curry and momo's. After a few months, I introduced it a friend of mine, who became a greater fan. Eventually, I went there so many time that became sick of it and stopped going there all together. After many years I was in the area and decided to re visit. Well, as always, it still great. 

I had a terrible cold and  ordered the goat soup, the chicken momo's and chilli chicken. Well, I had gone there during lunch time. The goat soup is like the thin shorba with Indian spices and goat bone pieces. Very light curry made from boiling goat bony pieces with slight spices such as cardamom, cloves, turmeric and red chilli. Well, it reminded me of the homely soup we have in Indian homes. Liked it. The ponly minor thing was that the goat pieces were simply boiled. 

Next came the chicken momo's. Now you probably know that I am big fanatic and lover of Momo's. Refer to previous post (

Now I was ecstatic to find momo's here in Sydney a few years back. The momo's are really good, although I still crave for the ones from Delhi at Chanakya Puri. But nonetheless not bad. There is also another variant called the C Momo, which is basically the momo's with a saucy base made out of onions, tomatoes and capsicum.  I prefer the simple steamed momo's.

The chilli Chicken came in last. Well, after being for so many years here, I had stopped expecting the crispy friend Indian style chilli chicken. Over here, it is usually chicken breast small pieces, stir fried in the sauce. Now the one which got served was quite the Indian style one. in fact it was very overly crispy fried chicken. A bit too much to be honest. But nonetheless, Good one. I wouldn't mind going in again and having, just for the fact that its quite unique and different. Compared to India, this might be above average, but nonetheless, Id go for it, as it quite close. Again crispy fried batter coated chicken pieces with a spicy sauce base, and onions and capsicum. 

The best part of the meal came after wards, which was the Nepalese Chai. Well, after the meal, i was craving for Desi Indian team, but I was scared it might be a dip tea. I asked the lady if they could make me some Masala Tea, and she recommended the Nepalese Tea. This was quite good. Served in a tall glass and quite similar to the Masala tea, except it seemed to be a bit more milky. Lovely tea. 

On other visits, I have tried their Goat Curry and would recommend it to anyone visiting here.  

All in all a good cafe restaurant and good food. An average one as per my taste, but nonetheless, worth a visit.

Located at Burwood
135 Burwood Road Burwood, NSW 

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