Monday, September 15, 2014

Camel Burger @ Kings Canyon Resort

All right , this is about Kings Canyon Resort and Camel Burgers. Yes, you heard it right. Camel Burger.

Now on the third day of our trip to the outback, we decided to go to the Kings Canyon for the rim walk. It was close to 320 kms from Ayers Rock and well into the outback. Now, the walk in itself was an experience of a lifetime. It was unbelievable and speechless and yet tiring. A climb up to the top of the canyon which had about 500 steps, which were basically rock steps. Then a 8 km walk all around the rim, which took us through variety of scenery and views which was simply overwhelming. The 8 km walk with our tour guide from AAT kings and on a day with 36 degrees heat, it called for a special celebration. Oh yeah for real.

So the bus took us down to the Kings Canyon resort and this was literally in the middle of nowhere. A resort, petrol pump, souvenir shop and a restaurant. The Desert Oaks Bistro and the thirsty Dingo Bar.

Well by the looks of it, it was the outback- the stereotyped scenario. A hot afternoon, with one in sight. the empty [petrol pump where a small off roading SUV stands and a dog sits in the back, while the owner with a cowboy hat fills the fuel. the wind runs through the desert with an eerie sound and blowing layers of mud and dust. on the other hand, an eatery which seems nondescript and without life from outside, until you enter and realise, this is the oasis in the desert.

Well we were all very sore and the bus tour guide had announced that the eatery was famous for the camel burger. Now looking at the menu, there were not too many chicken options to be honest. I started off thinking that Camel Burger, eww!!!. No way. What if it had a smell and what if it was chewy and just such similar repulsive questions. First I hit the Thristy Dingo Bar and settled for a couple of schooners of the Carlton. it was what you need on a hot day. A look around and there were leather couches and a pool table. the perfect Aussie bar set up.

Next, when the heat got off me, we decided to go for the camel Burger and the George’s Tandoori Chicken Pizza. I thought, let’s give it a go, at worst, we will throw it away and eat the pizza. I asked the chef and he recommended it as well. When I asked him, he suggested that it was  minced meat patty and well-cooked and like beef minus the grease. Now I haven’t had beef, so this was definitely a very big jump. The chef was great and he spent time to ensure I was ok and comfortable. Our tour guide Kylie was also good and told me not to worry. In fact they were amused, I was so apprehensive.

The George’s tandoori project was just about average and not that great. I thought it was about average and not too generous with the serving of the chicken on the pizza.

The camel burger, when it came was a good patty, crispy char grilled blackish. The first bite and it was heaven. Unbelievable. I just didn’t realize that it would be this good. It was a minced camel meat patty and in a burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese. The patty was unbelievable and I could not help realizing that this was so yum. Specially the camel meat patty. It was minced with herbs and chargrilled. Lovely with the mayo and the cheese and fresh lettuce.

At one instance we shared the pizza and the burger and trust me I later regretted sharing the burger. I was in fact tempted to go and order another burger for takeaway, but somehow I didn’t. The craving grew over the next few days as I returned to Ayers Rock. Even now that I am back in Sydney, I am still searching for camel burgers.

All in all a great afternoon. The Desert Oaks Bistro is good. The Thirsty Dingo Bar is again great. Both do up the complete outback experience in this desolate part fo the world. Highly recommended.

The mains are approx. $20.

Kings Canyon Resort 
Luritja Road Watarrka National ParkNT 0872 AU

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