Sunday, September 28, 2014

Driftwood Café, Akuna Bay

All right, one weekend, we hire a car and are wondering where do we head out. One of my friends did inform of the Ku-rin-gai chase national park. There some really good look out points. I think its called Bobbin Head. So, as you drive into the national park, and take a right, and keep driving, you come across at the end of the road a look out point. The views are sensational and right in front of you, there is the sea, the entire outline of the national park and the Palm beach looks right in front of you. It was a beautiful day and good photography and after a few hours, we were hungry. We then drove towards the other look out point Akuna Bay. Akuna Bay on the other opposite end of the national park had this big area where all the yachts were parked. Endless number of yachts and boats. Right by the waterside, was the café there. The décor was light and bright. Beautiful view of the hill and the sea together along with the classy yachts. The beauty of Akuna Bay is that it is nestled with hills all around, very quiet and discreet and a water way that opens into the river that goes through the national park.

The café Bistro was a bright and light café with some array of hot foods, and the rest into the regular pies, cakes, coffee etc. I think it was a Sunday and after 2 P.M. the kitchen closes and we were in the nick of time to order. We ordered the chicken burger and the fish and chips.

The chicken Burger was great, simply out. There are most places in Australia where I have had chicken burger and wished it was a bit better, more flavor some, and more exprimentative than the conservative chicken schnitzel burger or the bland grilled chicken burger.

The chicken burger here was good. With beet root, fried eggs, lettuce, mayo, fresh veggies, pineapple  and tasty cheese, I simply loved the burger. 

The fish and chips again was quite different . The regular fanfare across most places in Sydney - soggy beer battered fish with no salt left me mostly wondering why there is no craving for crispy fried fish. Fish that is crunchy outside and fresh and juicy inside and with no fishy smell. The kind of fish that goes well with tartare sauce. Well this fish here at the café bistro was great. I just loved it. All in all, this is a small little place that has very good food. It is a bit specifically remote and for the visitors to the Akuna bay and the Kurin-gai Chase national park. What you would love is the serenity, remoteness. Highly recommend.

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday 8.30 to 4.00pm
Saturday-Sunday 8.00 to 5.00pm
 (winter: June - October 4.00pm)


Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

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