Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nicks Bar and Grill, King Street Wharf, Sydney

All right. A farewell of a colleague and bright sunny day and I am called upon to make the booking. The options on the king street wharf are many, but mostly pubs food. I decide for Nicks bar and grill.
Now, as we head in, it’s a bright day, and nothing could be better than sitting out in the open. The seating is well spread out. The menu has mostly fishes. Crabs, prawns, john dory, barramundi and the likes. There are starter platters with breads, antipasto, mussels, salt and pepper calamari smoked salmon. There is a wide array of oysters as well. For main, there are many variants of fishes. There is also a number of items from the grill including stakes, kangaroo, lamb souvlaki and chicken breast.
As we settle in, I am not too much in for the fish. Partly due to the fact that last night was massive hangover and bad taste from the mussels and the body needed to recuperate. So the choice was between the two chicken dishes – the chicken breast or the chicken souvlaki. I finally decided for the chicken breast.  The waitress did advise us to go for any sides with the chicken. I decided to go for the mashed potatoes and the mushroom sauce.
In addition there was also the $13 meals for the lunch option. It included the fish and chips, or the chicken schnitzel and salt and pepper calamari.

Now, to be honest, the meals took a very long time to come. However, I was also conscious of the fact that we had a big group of 20 people with us, so I could understand.
The dish finally arrived. Well the look were amazing. The chicken breast was grilled and seemed lightly marinated. It came with boiled beans and asparagus. There were fresh tomatoes, diced and feta. The mashed potatoes and the mushroom sauce arrived. Well, I was starving and the chicken was just perfect. It was juicy with crispy skin. The mushroom sauce was very well. The chicken with the green beans, asparagus and the mashed potatoes and the sauce was perfect. I loved it and it was what I was craving for all this while. All in all highly recommended. I will definitely go there again.

The main course dishes $28 -$42. The chicken breast came for $29. The sauces and side were each $3 extras. I loved it and would highly recommend.
Nick's Bar and Grill
The Promenade, King Street Wharf
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

T: 1300 989 989

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