Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tombolo Freycinet Café

All right. This one is again into Tassie. After waking up over a beautiful sunrise from a personal beach chalet at Swansea, we drove north on the east coast to Freycinet National Park. It was a beautiful drive through the lookout points for Oyster Bay followed by the beautiful wineries on the way.   As you drive close to Coles Bay, you see the famous farm for fresh oyster's on your right. A but further, you cross a  little village – coles bay. Coles bay is a hidden jewel which very few people know about. With a population of less than 200 families, and the entry to the freycinet national park. Ahead of coles bay is the Saffire Freycinet which is the luxury lodge and has accommodation starting $1000 a night. 

At the Freycinet national park, we decided for the walk to the lookout point for the wineglass bay. Somewhere in between we got over it and there were too many steps and we decided to go through to the other look out point with the lighthouse. As we hit midday we were starving. Driving down to the back to the little village- coles bay we parked the car and there were some sensational views with the red algae rocks, deep blue water and the granite mountains called as the Hazards.

Walking around there was little shop for supplies and across the road was Tombolo Freycinet. A small café  kind of an eatery. It had seating outside with views of the water and the hills, or you could sit inside in the cozy ambience.  The views probably make it one of the most scenic cafes in the region. We were starving and looked at the menu. There were the regular coffees, muffins, breads. This was a licensed cafes, so the beer and wine was also being served. The local tassie wines were available.

In the lunch specials, there was the woodfired pizza and the fresh local catch seafood varieties. As we settled in, on a winter day, we started off with a cappuccino and latte. This was followed by a pizza and fish and chips.

The fish served was a crumbled blue eyed trevalla. Now the fish and chips again was smashing out of the world. Very crisp and crumbled fish – crumbled the way I crave for. Crunchy. The fish ws fresh and again delicious. It could only have been alocal catch. The fish didn’t seem to have too much of the fishy odour at all. Served with a garden salad and chips, I liked this one.


The pizza came next- with a thin rustic base, which was wood fired. The pizza again was so fresh and flavor some. With artichokes,  bell peppers onions and mushroom. The pizza while vegetarian was so awesome. Just fresh and flavoursome, and the cheese as well was very light and fresh. I was stunned and somehow even now remember that pizza – which while vegetarian, hit the spot for me. Highly recommended. 

Both the pizza and the fish both made my day. We did our lunch and then head back towards Swansea and then to Hobart.

If you are in the area, there might be little options, but this option wouldn’t make you feel you had to come here out of no choice. This is a great place and would highly recommend to everyone.

6 Garnet Avenue
Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia
+61 3 6257 0124
8:30am - 4:00pm, 6:00pm - 8:30pm

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