Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beer Café, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

All right, I have not exactly been in touch with Gurgaon over the years, as I usually visit twice a  year and for may be a month in total. Hence I end up going to the regular spots, which I knew and craved for from the time when I used to stay here in Gurgaon. This time, and this year, I had been hearing about Cyber Hub and I was curious to figure it out. The occasion was my childhood friend, with whom I have grown up, right through school and well into my MBA as well. It had been quite some time, about 7 years to be honest, when we hadn’t caught up properly (with the exclusion of short visit a few months back). So this was historic and we had so many tales and memories to talk about.

So we got into cyber hub and boy I was impressed. The first place he took me was titled the Beer Café and as the name suggests, it was all about beer and snack food.  More casual atmosphere, people from surrounding offices were dropping in after work for a quick few rounds. A few couples trying to talk heart to heart (where it was the good looking girl talking on and on, while the man drank the beer!!!!)(sorry, but not being a sexist) Some expats and foreigners working were also partying out. So electrifying atmosphere all in all. Large screen TV’s and sports, made it full of energy and buzz. The layout was probably a bit cramped , but may be due to the sheer amount of people trying to get in there.

Now let come to the food. They had a selection of various finger foods along with very vast array of beers- and to be honest, quite a few which I wasn’t even aware of. Anyways, we were debating between the sausage platter or the Calcutta Chilli Chicken. Well we finally settled for the Calcutta Chilli Chicken. Now I have always had glorious fascinations of Indian Chinese in particular, and when it comes to Calcutta Chinese- it reminds me of tangra and the bald Mr Saha from Calcutta who went to the extent of getting us some chilli sauce. This came pretty soon and boy it looked wow. The chicken were big chunks which deep dried with some batter, which made it really crunchy from the outside. Inside, the chicken was juicy. The stir fry with the diced capsicum, onions, burnt garlic and chives was perfect. The occasional green chilli, my friend did the justice to the word chilli chicken.

All in all, I liked the dish and yes, I would like to visit again, may be for another match.
The Beer Cafe
2-C, Ground Floor, Tower- 10 C,
DLF Phase 2, Cybercity,
0124- 425 3636

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