Saturday, October 18, 2014

Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

All right this, this one is again about the second joint at cyber hub which we tried out in the same evening. Well, it always helps if you have local help and my friend who works nearby at DLF Square knew it all inside out. In some ways I am tempted to admit that he was like Jason Statham in the transporter. A few drinks and he was smooth, maneuvering effortlessly through the crowds, ladies and the  pubs to reach Soda Bottle Opener Wala. I had heard previously of this joint from another friend and I was eager to visit.
Now, parsi food. I had no clue. To be honest and not disrespectful, I haven’t been aware too much of Parsi culture or food other than what we have seen in Bollywood movies, which are usually more stereotyped. 
Anyway, we enter, its quite a set up. Like the ambience and its got this casual feel. Like the parsi bakeries. There is an outide seating for open air and apparently a waiting as well. One step into through the doors, w come across this sort of cubicle with jas of cookies etc. Small tables, scattered across, interesting artefacts such as vintage telephones,  round glass tables, wooden chairs, hanging lights. There is a bar and a pool table further up, along with a washroom having a pic of Freddie Mercury.
The décor is quite tasteful and well selected. Good music. That night there was to be a stand up comedian who was to perform.

Coming to the food- we ordered for a parsi style fried chicken and the famous keema pao. Well the fried chicken aka Marghi Na Farachi. This was crunchy and served in a tin box, with onions and a green chutney. The one portion had about 5 pieces. I wished there was a bit more, though, and the chicken was juicy and yum.  I loved this one with the green chutney.
Next came the Dikra Kiri, the sodabottle special which has ganne ka juice or fresh sugar cane juice with Bacardi. This was quite the combo and honestly I was amazed. Tasted really nice. Highly recommended.
Next we came to the keema pao. This was gorgeous. Mutton mince, cooked indian style, along with pao (breads). First few bites, and it was ok, but, it was so yum that you keep on eating and when you finish,  you crave for more. It was quite delicious. At the end of the whole eating of what we had ordered, we were tempted to order more either here or go try out something else.
The stand up comedian who did turn up was descent, although, it was hardly for 5 minutes and perhaps I expected better and more out of him. The wau it was publicized, I thought it would have been a longer act, but this turned out quite short to be honest. But yes, I did learn that for parsi’s the hindi is not too strong, and hence leads to more double meaning talks, there has to be alcohol and swearing J.

All in all, I loved it and would definitely visit again.  Highly recommended.
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